Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Drawing Inspiration!

This morning I dragged myself out of bed and did P90x - Week 5, Day 2 - Plyo X. Every time I do this workout, it seems to get harder - probably because I am now more focused on technique, rather than just getting through the workout as such. I didn't really feel that enthused until I started the DVD and was reminded that one of the participants has a prosthetic leg. Seeing this guy give it his all in those circumstances pushed me to give it a good shake this morning. I then followed up with RPM 33 and gave myself a good hiding as John E would say.

It is very weird not having DH around. For one, when the alarm clock goes off, I turn on my bedside lamp. Usually this is a big no no and I am scavenging around for my workout gear in the dark. Secondly I added peanut butter (sorry Kek) to my oats this morning and no one blinked an eyelid! If I had done that in front of DH he would say, "what are you doing? Now my worst fears about your weirdness have been confirmed!". Charming DH..... I also added more starchy carb to recovery meal this morning and I am feeling really good right now - and taken my fish oil capsules. Once Mr Berardi has finished with me I'll be a veggie swilling, fish oil burping goddess :)

Many people want to know about the effectiveness of the p90x program. After five weeks my stats are - weight is the same....I am stronger for most pulls/pushes..must mean a little bit of muscle being added there! Wahooie! I certainly don't look puny :)


Splice said...

You totally crack me up Liz lol.
Now go easy on the peanut butter ok ;-)

I was looking at some pictures you sent me when you were 5 weeks out from the Qld state comp. I have to tell you I can't get over you delts!! Amazing.

Have a great day.


Kek said...

Well, lucky for me I just ate some PB, so I didn't have the slightest urge to run to the pantry (do not pass Go, do not collect $200) and plunge head first into the jar.

p90x sounds dynamite! Might actually try it some day... you're really kicking butt!

Magda said...

Hi again Liz,

Just curious, do you have fish oil caps on top of the fat you normally have in your diet (however much that is?)



Hilary said...

Yay for the new toys! I love those F11's, hope you're having fun playing with it!

Sounds like there definetely ARE some advantages to not having hubby around!! PB with oats must be good!

Hilary xx

LizN said...


Yes, I'm working my way up to 6g of fish oil a day on top of my usual fat intake which is on the low side - 20-30g per day.

Liz :)

Big waves to everyone else ;)