Thursday, January 31, 2008

Think I'm getting the camera thing down

Here's a pic of Miss G and Miss S on first day of school, with Yours Truly in the middle. Now I've got my camera I'll be doing a bit more picture taking which I'm rather looking forward to.

I am pleased to say that I slayed the dragon that is leg training this morning. I didn't use much weight, but I didn't need to go that heavy to achieve complete and utter fatigue.

Workout went like this:
20 minute run: 8 minute warm up and 12 hard 50/50 intervals
Specific warm up and preparation, mobilization exercises.
Front Squats
Romanian Deadlift
Bulgarian Split Squats - my nemesis, though today I really felt like I made more "connection" through my glutes. Used a plate rather than dumbbells and made a big difference
Single Leg Back Extension with glute focus.
20 minute steady state run/stretch

Done and dusted!
Weight today: 60.5kg .

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My little one is a baby no more!

Yesterday marked a milestone in our family. My baby, Miss G, started school today. I must admit I felt very strange as I saw her skittering (she doesn't walk quietly, she skitters) along in her uniform, complete with yellow bucket hat into the classroom. I felt strange that I had reached the end of an era - both girls off to school.

After drop off I went to Fitness First and did Upper Body Training and went for a run on the treadmill, as well as doing some bike work. Ran into Miss Alicia - her first day on the job as a PT - I think she'll enjoy rubbing shoulders with our crew here at Indro. This morning's workout involved RPM - I could not believe that 6 out of the 9 tracks John used this morning were tracks I had worked into my class this Saturday. There's a weird synchronicity there! It was a good workout and I rather enjoyed riding and experimenting with even more resistance than usual.

Then morning tea with Miss A and back home to do all the fun things like the washing and ironing.

I bought a new digital camera and am working out slowly how to upload photos with it. Today I'm putting in a photo of Cathe Friedrich who is working on her new series, STS (Shock Training System). I love the use of Gliding Discs/paper plates with lunges! There will be 37 DVDs which are incorporated into a full six month strength training program. I'm unsure of final cost at this stage but I think the series will be awesome for those who train at home. It goes without saying that any Aussies who are interested should get in touch so I can finalize orders.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to almost normality

After yesterday's events, things have almost returned to normal. I think about what happened yesterday and believe still that I was really lucky, the whole situation was not normal and that I'll keep being very mindful of my surroundings.
I taught RPM to a full house this morning. Nothing like looking at 44 bikes, all with riders on them. It was a good session this morning - got all my choreo right and felt fit and strong!
The girls are at school tomorrow. It is Miss G's first day as a Preppie and she is excited. I don't think I will know myself without a little person holding my hand. The end of an era. I will miss her, but mostly I am happy for her because I know how much she is looking forward to it.
I finally bought a new digital camera (ours got lost in the move), so hopefully you'll see a lot more family shots in the blog.
I've added the rhino in because I'm having a "I could eat the a... out of a rhino" kind of eating day. When I look back on what I've consumed today I can't really say I've missed out in the food department, so with my inner crave-o-meter firmly in check, I'm off to bed.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fitness is a gift, be grateful

Yesterday I was going to type up a tome about how to eat well when you're in a nutritional minefield (aka Australia Day BBQ at relos)but I have put that on hold to describe today's events.
This morning I went for my morning walk. I left at 5.10am in full sunlight and walked a good couple of kilometres when I decided that to help acclimate my feet to bitumen that I would do a bit of running on the way home. I ran down the hill (about 500m) and towards our local service station where there was a young man in his early twenties loitering towards the path that I take to go home. Being cautious, I ran up the path on the opposite side of the road and decided to cross a good 100m or so in front of him to be safe.
Anyway imagine my horror as I'm crossing the road and here is this guy running toward me as if he is going to spear tackle me. I started picking up the pace as he drew level and he said to me that he wanted to "race me up the hill" (home is uphill all the way). I was getting really worried by this stage and told him I wasn't interested - then he started hurling abuse at me. I thought then that it was time to put the foot on the accelerator and I took off towards home and up the hill with him in hot pursuit. Good news is that I managed to outrun the bastard pretty quickly my thoughts were that he was probably high on something, likely speed, but my overwhelming thought was "thank goodness I'm fit".
I've spent the morning talking to the Police and describing the incident. It's not going to deter me from running, but it does pay to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.
In Terminator 2, Sarah Connor had a point. Being prepared for anything is a must....

Friday, January 25, 2008

On Personal Responsibility

Ooh, looks like a good ol Friday post coming your way.

Today I had an interesting discussion with a gym member today about the criteria they used for choosing a personal trainer. Not surprisingly there was a bit about looks in there - if the trainer looks good, then often the client will aspire to "a body like theirs". Although I would prefer that clients chose their trainers on the basis of their credentials and experience, I do understand this phenomenon as many of us are really "visual" and want examples of the "trainer's work" eg the trainer themselves as a measure of how competent said trainer is.

However no trainer, no matter how well qualified, is going to take you where you want to go physique or fitness wise, unless you take responsibility for your workout. We can give you the tools, we can arm you with the knowledge and we can provide a kick in the pants if you need it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you. Did you leave your class thinking "that was way too easy"? Truth is, it probably has more to do with you than your instructor.

The same idea works with nutrition - many people who are overweight develop this complex network of reasons that are contributing to the weird phenomena of them being over fat. Mostly what they're trying to do is dump the responsibility of their weight problem on someone else's shoulders - that's when they hire the "consultant" to do all their work for them. Does it work? Guess what I think!

Today I went for a 65 minute run. As I will be on the road for up to three hours in this adventure race, it's time for me to develop some endurance :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today has been a day of wrestling with my Core 2 choreo - it is harder than it looks. I also did a workout that I often give clients (yes, I road test the workouts) - 12 cycles of 30 seconds on/30seconds off treadmill sprints + balance of time in steady state training (35-40 minutes total, including warm up). I also did Mike's Upper Body Workout and really focused today on the bench press. I experimented a little bit with the foot placement, placing both feet on the ground powerlifter style and arching my back - turned out to be a good move as I was able to lift the magnet that I have had taped to my sacrum for the last month off the padding.

I'm not exactly sure how the magnet works, but it has done wonders for my sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It's a different approach to what I usually do - my new physio is trying to re pattern a lot of my movement rather than simply correct my pelvis every time it slips.

What else - pretty good day nutrition wise - I made a rather yummy Mexican lasagna using low carb tortillas, ultra lean mince (you could try chicken), salsa and a little reduced fat cheddar sprinkled over the top (it's not Mexican unless there is a bit of cheese). I also put 1/2 can of refried beans in the mix.

Tomorrow I am possibly teaching RPM and going to try and squeeze in some deadlifts and squats - hopefully beforehand - it's never very pleasant doing anything to your legs after RPM

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another busy day

Love this quote today - a timely reminder for me of what will happen if you spend too much time ruminating, rather than doing.

Busy again today -taught RPM and had a little run. Tomorrow's effort involves some strength training and grappling again with Core 2. I'm not looking forward to it, but when it is done, it will be done ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend wrapped up and another week to look forward to.

Taught CORE on Friday and then had the pleasure of having lunch with Lisa, who is doing mightily well on her "Lean and Green" Protocol - I handed over her copy of "Gourmet Precision V 2.0" with strict instructions not to drool over it until her L and G Protocol was over. Anyway, I'm looking forward to vicariously watching her journey this year.

Taught RPM Hi Performance on Saturday morning - felt this week's effort was much better, felt pretty good during and after the ride. Had a great morning tea with Miss S - just wish I could have stayed longer.

Today - practice CORE 2 - this release is a b*&tch! The choreo, hard to master in the "back" track and the "push" track - a killer, if you don't like tricep pushups on your toes.
I finished off by doing BodyBalance - only the third class I've ever participated in but enjoyable nevertheless.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indecision and Evolution

It seems that my life has been full of indecision lately in varying degrees. For a start, I've been wrestling, rather than toying with the idea of competing again. One minute, I will say "yes" and the next minute I will say "no". After flipping again to "yes" on Saturday, I realized that on Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday that I didn't feel one bit excited about it - no "competition bug", nothing, whereas with many of the figure girls I know, it is the candle that is burning brightly in front of them without exception. It was this morning that I realized that I couldn't give myself to training for a competition, "no exception". At the same time I was also wrestling with doing my Bodyvive Certification - yay or nay - the program hasn't excited me but one of our Cluster GFCs had phoned me and asked me to consider doing the course etc etc.

The obvious answer it seemed was to go and do RPM. I was sitting next to Mark, who always pushes me to the absolute max when I participate and by the end of Track Seven, I thought I was going to die - I was pushing some major load and thought my heart would explode and that I was going to puke there and then but whilst I was there I had some good fortune.

Firstly the opportunity to be part of a team that is going to do Johnny G Spinning as well as RPM and secondly (the best bit) being invited to go Adventure Racing in Brisbane with good mates K and R - the race is on 15th February and it involves running all over Brisbane for 3 hours making different checkpoints and challenges and picking up all sorts of goodies along the way. This sounds like a lot of fun for an "Amazing Race" addict such as myself.

The best part about it is that I have never done an Adventure Race before and it gives me something to train for and focus on.

In regards to competing, I think it is one of the most amazing experiences I've had and it's even better when you're helping others out -again, I will say "never say never", but for now, I've got to step on this boat and see which path it leads me down the river. I can't wait to see where this one will take me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Polly want a smackdown?

As I've written previously, I've suffered from bouts of depression over the years and twelve years ago I spent six months working with a fantastic psychologist who taught me all about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which I use to this day. Every time I would see her, she would be very calm, very collected and it would be easy to imagine that her life was sheer perfection, just by the way she carried herself. However, during the time she saw me, she was going through a separation, trying to keep her business going etc etc.

Today I want to bust the illusion that all coaches, teachers and mentors have perfect lives and that we handle them brilliantly . Instead of feeling eager to get up and get going, TOM decided to inflict me with more pain and sent in some IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to set up camp for the day as well. After taking some Colofac, Nurofen, Panadol with a good measure of peppermint tea, I could see that fighting the above combination was not going to bring me any joy whatsoever - so I gave in and decided to have a rest day (on reflection, that was a brilliant decision!).
Instead, I took the girls to see "Enchanted" at the movies today - Patrick Dempsey really is McDreamy!
I took the girls for lunch at Sumo Salad and found a big horse fly in my salad (which I coolly and calmly returned, but what rotten luck!)
I'm exhausted, crabby and tired. The best part of my day will be curling up with The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Cassandra, if you're reading this - "I'm in love" - my head is about to fall off nodding in agreement!
Instead I took the girls to see "Enchanted" which we all enjoyed immensely. Patrick Dempsey really is McDreamy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Do...or Do Not...There is no Try!

I'm always amazed at how many lines from "Star Wars" can be applied to the rest of life. George Lucas did a great job with these movies and Yoda's one liners always fire the old imagination.
Which leads me to my training today. Sometimes I have an off day where I don't feel like training and I don't feel like eating well - today has been one of them. It started with my alarm clock going off at 5am for my usual morning walk. I didn't feel like it one little bit, but reminding myself of my commitment to action, got up and did it anyway. Still feeling no better (TOM is giving me cramps), I think of asking somebody else to teach my RPM class - I don't feel inspired and the thought of Track 5 makes me want to puke in a bucket. However, I have all of these participants who I don't want to let down, so I put in a thorough effort and cane Track 5, even though I don't feel like doing it.
Then I'm back home to work.. typical of the day, I don't feel like cooking up a healthy lunch. I do it anyway. I don't feel like working - however, I'm doing it just the same. Dinner will be prepared on auto-pilot.
I will look back tomorrow and be thankful for what I achieved today. Sometimes you need to ignore your inner voice that is whining at you and telling you "it's too hard". There's a victory to be achieved by telling that critical inner voice to go and shove it, and victory to be achieved by just getting stuck into it. There will be no regret later on :)
Training today: walk 30 minutes (for mental sanity!), teach RPM 45 minutes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Question and Answer Time - Cardio Before Weights or the other way around?

Friday just posted a question in the comments area of my last post which goes like this : "is there any particular reason that you do your run before your leg weights?", which I've interpreted as a variation of the age old question "cardio before weights or weights before cardio"?

My answer is - depends on what you're doing and aiming to achieve. You should always train "the most important thing" first when you're rested and "fresh". In other words, if you are training to gain muscle or strength, then prioritise accordingly - have a light warm up and do your weights first.

The lower body training I've been doing with Mike takes a lot of effort and there is a high energy cost involved, particularly as exercises such as deadlifts and squats use more than just the lower body. The weights are heavy and the reps are low. There is also a high neural (nervous system) cost involved as well.

For me, it's usually weights first.

Over the past few weeks though, I have had a change in focus to improving my aerobic power (how much work I can output given a certain heart rate), so yesterday's workout was a test to see where my endurance is right now. I need to maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness to be able to teach classes such as RPM Hi Performance. In terms of how much muscle I own, I can definitely get away without trying for more growth in my legs these days. I love my cyclist's quads and my Bodystep calves! The leg workout was more about technique than heavy iron :)

Which leads to the question, "is training for strength and cardiovascular fitness mutually exclusive?" Most people benefit from doing both, however as you progress (depending on what your goals are), excessive amounts of both become counterproductive. For example you won't see many athletes who train for strength and power doing lots of long slow cardio and vice versa - you won't see many endurance athletes performing cleans in the gym.

Today's training: Elliptical Steady State 30mins (warm up)
Upper Body Specific Warm up and preparation:
Strength training: Chest/biceps (taking a more bodybuilderish approach for 3-4 weeks) 10-12 rep (cardio! ouch!) range
Treadmill: 30/30 Intervals x 10 (triple ouch)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My latest post workout recovery meal is a little bit like the picture above, except it contains way more cereal and Ladybird Protein Crunch.

Enter the "Crunchola Recovery Meal"
1 scoop Ladybird Crunch (15g)
20g Crunchola cereal in apple/cinnamon or apple and blueberry
200g Nestle Diet Vanilla Yoghurt or Strawberry or Mixed Berries Flavours
30g blueberries or raspberries (I use the frozen sort).

I usually take this to the gym in two containers. I simply dump the yoghurt and fruit into one and then mix the Crunch and Crunchola (like an old married couple!) in when I'm ready to eat.
Stats are 235 calories, 20.8 g protein, 31.7g carbs, minimal fat. This is a fantastic post workout PN compliant treat!

Training today was a 45 minute run at 11km/hr (steady state). I was pretty exhausted by the end though! Then I trained my legs and shoulders and I can already feel the DOMS setting in. Still not doing as much volume as previously, just easing back into things.

Scale weight up a little this morning, no problem. Which is going to lead me into another thing - putting the scale into perspective. I seriously want to jump off a cliff when somebody tells me that the "scale is doing their head in". Following on from other posts, we are 100% responsible for what we think, say and do, thus we are totally in control as how we decide we are going to react to a NUMBER. Do you let it define who you are? Do you avoid the scale with the "see no evil, therefore no accountability" lense? I will post more on this later.

On the flip side there are those who are obsessed with jumping on the scale ten times a day. This isn't any good either. For this , I recommend putting in the good habits first and reconnecting with yourself for a little while before you deal with your irrational beliefs about scale weight. It's not the scale that is the problem - it's what WE believe about scales that does our heads in.

Gosh, once I start rambling I can't stop myself :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Training Update

Today I had the opportunity of participating in Ruthie T's RPM class. Amongst us Les Mills afficiondos, Ruthie T has legendary status, being the head choreographer for Bodystep until Release 55 (I think) and featuring in numerous Bodypump, RPM and Bodystep DVDs. I think Ruthie's gift lies in her ability to be "at ease" with herself and her participants. I worked hard and felt a zen like calm wash over me as I rode. I had my 10 minute obligatory warm up run beforehand and had an abbreviated chest and bicep workout.

I also got up with the sun and had a nice hour long walk to get the daily newspaper. I don't count this as working out, I call this early morning time to myself. I listen to my IPOD and enjoy some early morning quiet time because when I get home it certainly is anything but quiet.

I've enjoyed a little more scale loss this week and am edging closer to that 60kg mark. Nutrition has been good but not perfect. Tonight, I had Thai left overs with plenty of steamed veggies. In my old life I would have freaked out - "coconut cream---oooh how fattening - this meal isn't clean". In my new life I now know coconut cream contains good saturated fats and that it's not a reasonable portion of red curry of chicken, beans and eggplant with steamed rice (who can resist that) that will derail me, it's mindless eating and bad habits.

Heck, I even had Mexican the other night (which is a carb and fat fest) and rather than beating myself up for having such an offplan meal, said "oh well" and just got on with it, realizing that I haven't eaten a Mexican meal for well over a year. It's not the rare off plan meals that ruin a transformation, it's every day bad habits. (did I just say that - heck I must have wanted to make a point!).

More from Cass

Here's a few words of wisdom from Cass, my exercise phys on the other side of the world and New Rules of Lifting for Women Co Author:

1. Women always underestimate their strength. I've never once walked into a gym or weight room and seen a woman lifting to her full potential. If I do, however, her body composition reflects the hard work: she's lean, attractively muscular, and still very feminine. True - I was so fortunate to see a woman lifting heavier than I do in the gym the other day - she offered me a spot and now we can look out for each other in the weights room and support each other to better lifting!

2. Most women avoid lifting weights because they don't know how. You don't need anyone to show you how to use a cross-trainer or a treadmill, but it's a good idea to learn how to properly lift. Men usually learn from their buddies or their favorite magazine, but a woman has to learn either by following her boyfriend around the gym or reading a non-female magazine (because most female magazines are worthless). The better way is to seek a good personal trainer: one who won't just promote bicep curls and only lifting weights less than 10 lbs dumbbells. Women have to stop using the excuse that they don't know how to weight train because weight training is the best way to achieve the body that they've always desired.

3. Women do not need to train differently than men. Period. Amen!

4. Protein is still the most misrepresented macronutrient in the diets of most women. Women still think that low-fat, low-protein diets will make them lose more weight, when in fact, an equal balance of high-quality protein, fat and plant-source carbohydrates is the best way to positively influence body composition. Have fish, poultry, eggs, beef, pork, cottage cheese, ricotta, or whey protein every time you eat a meal. I agree, the key, the secret!

5. Arachidonic acid, the n-6 polyunsaturated fat, in plasma membranes is good. Free arachidonic acid in the circulation is bad. There's a difference. True, arachidonic acid may lead to pro-inflammatory eicosanoids if released from the membrane, but if you eat a diet that reduces oxidative stress (i.e. with antioxidant foods, no trans fats, low sugar) arachidonic acid will stay in the membrane and serve its positive role as a polyunsaturated fat. I need to read all about this :)

6. It's harder for women to lose weight than men with exercise and diet. Mostly this occurs because women gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously while training which causes their body weight to stay the same. Also, psychologically, women tend to believe that they need to severely under-eat in order to lose weight. This often leads to failure with any diet plan because it's not providing enough calories to allow her to workout or to function normally throughout the day. Therefore, women first need to not judge themselves by a number on the scale to determine if they're body composition is changing and secondly, they need eat enough food to give them energy to exercise effectively and to not force them to abandon the food protocol to which they've committed. I often wonder why women are so scared to try something different. After all, the restrict-binge way of life doesn't we all know!

7. If you hold your body fat in your abdominal region then you should reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet and increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids (from fish, walnuts, and flax). A large waist circumference is positively correlated with insulin resistance, which means your ability to process carbohydrates is limited. Several lines of recent research have showed that low carbohydrate diets containing less than 30% calories as carbohydrate are most effective for battling belly fat. They also increase insulin sensitivity. Omega-3 fatty acids (especially the fats in fish oil) are also well-researched for their ability to promote increased fat burning and improve carbohydrate processing. Liz's note: Some women do very well on macros like this, whereas other women will do better with slightly higher carbs and lower fat. Increasing you intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is a good thing.

8. If a woman loses her menstrual period and is actually eating enough calories to sustain her metabolic demands, then it's likely an overactive stress response that is inhibiting her reproductive hormones. In this situation, she should evaluate her stressors and look for ways to promote relaxation. Sometimes this may mean time off from working out, time away from work on the weekends, and spending more time with people who make you happy. Losing your period not only has negative consequences for long-term bone health, but also depresses the immune system and makes it harder to reach a desired body fat level. Amen to that. Eat enough calories and minimize stress responses.

9. Women use fat for fuel better than men and need more protein to promote muscle protein synthesis. This means that fat and protein are definitely macronutrients that should not be limited in any woman's diet. Agreed~

Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling Fat? Then guess what....

Fat is not a feeling!

When you hear others describe emotions, do you hear words such as angry, happy, excited, resigned, positive or sad? Do you ever hear anyone describe an emotion called "fat"? You may carry fat on your body (as we all should) but you cannot feel fat. You are more than just your body - you have your psyche or your soul - your psyche doesn't weigh anything and fat does not live as an emotion there.

Then what is fat - what it is - a chemical structure with certain characteristics just like other molecules eg salicylates have their own structure and function.

When somebody says that they're feeling fat, it's really a smokescreen for something else that is going on in your life - so go beyond thinking "fat" and really work out what is going on. Many people are scared of feeling a negative thought. What is the worst thing a negative thought can do? Heck, it can be unpleasant but the take home message is that it won't KILL you.

That's it for today - off to teach RPM just for something different

Friday, January 04, 2008

Yip, yip...a training post..finally~

Hooray, after the insanity of the past two days I can finally write a decent training post:
Yesterday's training: run 30 minutes 4 x 1km repeats at 4.45minute k pace +5.15 warm up and cool down.
Decline Dumbbell Press 3 x 8 (I am sore today)
Today's Training: Elliptical warm up + ten 30/30 intervals and cool down 15 minutes, assorted bits and pieces of strength training with Miss S - she just loved the clock push ups..yeehah and finally I taught "Core". I wasn't looking forward to this one little bit because I know that I am going to be suffering the dreaded leg DOMS tomorrow. Started off a bit hesitantly but once I got going, all seemed to go well.
Today's Eating: I'm still a bit all over the shop - haven't had a chance to check out my GN properly and ended up eating a McDonalds Lean Burger for lunch. But, hey, at least it didn't cost me $45.00
Today's Body: Weight a hair under 61kg and that's with a truckload of DOMS and bloating. I'm looking forward to a bit of fluid release overnight~

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coming up for air!

Today hasn't exactly gone to plan. One sick husband and three children to look after, not Only workout I got in was walking everywhere and taking the girls to the park. Better than nothing!

Hopefully I'll be able to write a smashing post about my training tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More about the road I'm travelling

We had a fantastic New Year's celebration last night and I am reporting that the curries were fabulous, though rather rich. However my first goal is to start cooking some of the recipes in "Gourmet Nutrition" which came from Precision Nutrition ( ) last week. I've been racking my brains trying to think of new goals and plans and have been flip flopping around in a pit of indecision.
I know I wrote about my plans in my previous post, but I'm still work in progress there.
About the book: I'd like to write a book about how to "live lean and love life" from the Liz perspective. I have been immensely fortunate to have worked with such a wide variety of clients and friends who have taught me so much about this from so many different angles. I'd like to be able to show others that living lean and loving life is within everyone's reach. Yes, it requires discipline and hard work, but nothing that is good comes easy.
About my fitness goals: As I have previously posted, I have been considering having abdominal repair surgery to fix up my separated abdominals (diastasis) as a result of having a very large baby. I have been doing a lot of research and speaking to a lot of other health professionals and it does seem that having this surgery done will go a long way in helping me with the stability problems that have plagued me for the last 7-8 years. I don't have appointments with the surgeon/s until February and late March though. current plan is to continue to raise the bar as much as I can with both strength training and my cardiovascular fitness. I have been very pleased with Mike's work and have learnt a lot from him. I was amazed to look in the mirror today and see a lot of hamstring growth as a result of really focusing on the posterior chain. Cardio wise, I am enjoying a good level of fitness right now - my aim being to be as tough as old boots (aka unstoppable) on the bike. I am also restarting Clinical pilates in preparation for the surgery, should I go ahead. Leanness wise, I am hanging around the 60-61kg mark - I feel my best at 57-58kg so my aim is to start nudging off a little body fat this month.
About my coaching/teaching goals: My aim is quality, not quantity with clients. I am taking on fewer clients this year because I want to give the ones that I already have a higher level of service. I have really enjoyed being on the coaching end of things this year and want to continue to develop my skills in this area. On the teaching side of things, I love teaching my classes and enjoy all of the friendships I've made at the gym immensely. I had such a great time doing RPM this afternoon and feel so lucky to enjoy things so much.
About my family and personal goals: I want to become a "Tuckshop Mum With Triceps" this year - my baby is going to school and I want to spend a little time doing something for both of my girls at school. I can't leave out my DH though - I'd like to spend more time having fun with him too.
Wow, that has turned into rather a ramble.
I'll just post my training stats for the day:
Run: rolling fartlek (yes, I want to snigger every time I post this word!) run 20 minutes
Iron Work: mobilization/stretches: Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 10, Front Plate Squat 3 x 10
RPM HiPerformance (John E) 55 minutes.