Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Polly want a smackdown?

As I've written previously, I've suffered from bouts of depression over the years and twelve years ago I spent six months working with a fantastic psychologist who taught me all about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which I use to this day. Every time I would see her, she would be very calm, very collected and it would be easy to imagine that her life was sheer perfection, just by the way she carried herself. However, during the time she saw me, she was going through a separation, trying to keep her business going etc etc.

Today I want to bust the illusion that all coaches, teachers and mentors have perfect lives and that we handle them brilliantly . Instead of feeling eager to get up and get going, TOM decided to inflict me with more pain and sent in some IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to set up camp for the day as well. After taking some Colofac, Nurofen, Panadol with a good measure of peppermint tea, I could see that fighting the above combination was not going to bring me any joy whatsoever - so I gave in and decided to have a rest day (on reflection, that was a brilliant decision!).
Instead, I took the girls to see "Enchanted" at the movies today - Patrick Dempsey really is McDreamy!
I took the girls for lunch at Sumo Salad and found a big horse fly in my salad (which I coolly and calmly returned, but what rotten luck!)
I'm exhausted, crabby and tired. The best part of my day will be curling up with The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Cassandra, if you're reading this - "I'm in love" - my head is about to fall off nodding in agreement!
Instead I took the girls to see "Enchanted" which we all enjoyed immensely. Patrick Dempsey really is McDreamy!


Kek said...

I got my copy on Friday - LOVE IT!

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow. Ugh - what a combination.


Anonymous said...

i loved enchanted.. how good is it?? :)

and i have always thought i needed cognitive beh therapy... i heard it was good re: emotional eating..

love your fave new girl... tigerpancakes hehe xxx

Raechelle said...

TOM and IBS...I feel for you girl! I've discovered this year that some of my problems are from IBS so now I take pro-biotics (capsules) daily-it really helps!
Dong Quai sometimes helps with cramps.
Hope your feeling better today!

danielle said...

this was very inspirational - thank you. i'm new to these fitness blogs. am a runner and in good enough shape but have a terrible aversion to any kind of weight-work (find it boring) and am prone to bouts of emotional eating. but i plan on doing cert III in fitness and taking control! and all you women who write these blogs are so real and so inspirational. thank you.

Raechelle said...

Hi LIZ! Got my LADYBIRD CRUNCH today-thanks for that! You're right-it's great with yogurt!

LizN said...

Hi everyone and welcome Danielle!
Donna, you're spot on - CBT is great for emotional eating.