Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Training Update

Today I had the opportunity of participating in Ruthie T's RPM class. Amongst us Les Mills afficiondos, Ruthie T has legendary status, being the head choreographer for Bodystep until Release 55 (I think) and featuring in numerous Bodypump, RPM and Bodystep DVDs. I think Ruthie's gift lies in her ability to be "at ease" with herself and her participants. I worked hard and felt a zen like calm wash over me as I rode. I had my 10 minute obligatory warm up run beforehand and had an abbreviated chest and bicep workout.

I also got up with the sun and had a nice hour long walk to get the daily newspaper. I don't count this as working out, I call this early morning time to myself. I listen to my IPOD and enjoy some early morning quiet time because when I get home it certainly is anything but quiet.

I've enjoyed a little more scale loss this week and am edging closer to that 60kg mark. Nutrition has been good but not perfect. Tonight, I had Thai left overs with plenty of steamed veggies. In my old life I would have freaked out - "coconut cream---oooh how fattening - this meal isn't clean". In my new life I now know coconut cream contains good saturated fats and that it's not a reasonable portion of red curry of chicken, beans and eggplant with steamed rice (who can resist that) that will derail me, it's mindless eating and bad habits.

Heck, I even had Mexican the other night (which is a carb and fat fest) and rather than beating myself up for having such an offplan meal, said "oh well" and just got on with it, realizing that I haven't eaten a Mexican meal for well over a year. It's not the rare off plan meals that ruin a transformation, it's every day bad habits. (did I just say that - heck I must have wanted to make a point!).


Anonymous said...

Yes I think you most definitely wanted to make a point and a very good one I might add Liz. ;o) xx

Heidi said...

Great blog! So helpful and encouraging. I'll be back to visit often. :o)

Antigone said...

Hi Liz :)
You always have words of wisdom and thats why your so inspirational! I love your attitude hun you are very right in saying its the everyday eating that does the damage not the occassional!
I am so lucky to have meet you and i am not letting you out of my sight now :)
Hope you are having a great day :)

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

pont made and more importantly, POINT TAKEN. I'm feeling much better today and have really enjoyed the post below (from Cass) as well.
Who knows I might be one of the women who responds better to the lower carbs higher good fats for body fat loss but I'll stick with our current plan and give it a good go before I consider changing things (with your ok of course).

Thanks for posting such useful info again.