Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling Fat? Then guess what....

Fat is not a feeling!

When you hear others describe emotions, do you hear words such as angry, happy, excited, resigned, positive or sad? Do you ever hear anyone describe an emotion called "fat"? You may carry fat on your body (as we all should) but you cannot feel fat. You are more than just your body - you have your psyche or your soul - your psyche doesn't weigh anything and fat does not live as an emotion there.

Then what is fat - what it is - a chemical structure with certain characteristics just like other molecules eg salicylates have their own structure and function.

When somebody says that they're feeling fat, it's really a smokescreen for something else that is going on in your life - so go beyond thinking "fat" and really work out what is going on. Many people are scared of feeling a negative thought. What is the worst thing a negative thought can do? Heck, it can be unpleasant but the take home message is that it won't KILL you.

That's it for today - off to teach RPM just for something different


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

I found your blog just before Christmas and have found it so motivating. This post just inspired me to comment as I quite often say I feel fat.... but not anymore, I will eat those words (oh bad choice of words there!!)

I am also in Brisbane and plan on doing a half marathon this year. I would love to know if you do running training online at all.

Thanks for the great read.


Kimmy said...

Hi Liz
I received your bar in the post today. I just finished a training session at the gym and I opened the mail up in the car straight after so I thought I may as well taste it there and then. Wow tasted like a lolly - great value and taste for less than 97 calories. Definitely something to have in the cupboard when those craving hit without doing too much damage. I really appreciate you sending me the bar - it was like Xmas receiving my little present. Thank you so much - you are such a beautiful person. I will return the favour when I think of something to send you. Live with Passion Kimmy

LizN said...

Hi Nic,
It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad you've enjoyed my ramblings thus far. Yes, I can help you with a half marathon program. I've run the Gold Coast one several times and it's a beautiful course. Just visit my site and click on the contact button and I'll get back to you ;)

Liz N

Anonymous said...

This is a topic that ive always debated with people. How can you feel fat!!! I always thought it was more a feeling of guilt because you just stuffed yourself with all the wrong foods.

Great post

Combat Girl said...

Hi Liz,

Yes feeling fat is a feeling we have all experienced. It has nothing to do with our body fat but everything to do with what's going on in our lives.


Ali said...

great post as usual!!

Look forward to following your journey in 2008,

Ali xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Liz,
I hadn't thought about fat that way before. Very interesting!

Kek said...

Not feeling fat today - feeling dead! Hmm, is that a feeling?

I thought you were trying to kill me, but it was just my own thick-headedness.... go read my blog for an explanation.

Sing along with me: Folks are dumb where I come from....