Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My latest post workout recovery meal is a little bit like the picture above, except it contains way more cereal and Ladybird Protein Crunch.

Enter the "Crunchola Recovery Meal"
1 scoop Ladybird Crunch (15g)
20g Crunchola cereal in apple/cinnamon or apple and blueberry
200g Nestle Diet Vanilla Yoghurt or Strawberry or Mixed Berries Flavours
30g blueberries or raspberries (I use the frozen sort).

I usually take this to the gym in two containers. I simply dump the yoghurt and fruit into one and then mix the Crunch and Crunchola (like an old married couple!) in when I'm ready to eat.
Stats are 235 calories, 20.8 g protein, 31.7g carbs, minimal fat. This is a fantastic post workout PN compliant treat!

Training today was a 45 minute run at 11km/hr (steady state). I was pretty exhausted by the end though! Then I trained my legs and shoulders and I can already feel the DOMS setting in. Still not doing as much volume as previously, just easing back into things.

Scale weight up a little this morning, no problem. Which is going to lead me into another thing - putting the scale into perspective. I seriously want to jump off a cliff when somebody tells me that the "scale is doing their head in". Following on from other posts, we are 100% responsible for what we think, say and do, thus we are totally in control as how we decide we are going to react to a NUMBER. Do you let it define who you are? Do you avoid the scale with the "see no evil, therefore no accountability" lense? I will post more on this later.

On the flip side there are those who are obsessed with jumping on the scale ten times a day. This isn't any good either. For this , I recommend putting in the good habits first and reconnecting with yourself for a little while before you deal with your irrational beliefs about scale weight. It's not the scale that is the problem - it's what WE believe about scales that does our heads in.

Gosh, once I start rambling I can't stop myself :)


Heidi said...

Mmmm, I LUV granola on yoghurt! Good thing it's grocery night tonight.

Off for a hot bath and then some yoga. It's a rest day today and boy I need it.

Another great post!

Lisa said...

Great PN post work out meal. I can see that coming on some time this week!

I think even the most secure of us balk at the scale. I don't weigh myself unless I am tracking my weight for a comp weigh. I am so stress free at these times..although my heart thumps before the first weight in morning. Maybe it is the thought of the comp as well....


Kek said...

Not rambling, just good sense...

My scales are up this morning too and once that would have sent me into a stupid 'eat less to win the scale war' reaction OR I'd have gone the opposite "what's the point?" way and eaten my own weight in Tim Tams. Both of which are irrational, stupid and won't achieve what I'm after.

Today, I really didn't care. I know I'm doing the right things (mostly), and one scale reading doesn't alter that.


Ronnie said...

Liz...a very timely post for me today. I am at the moment one of those women wanting to jump off the nearset bloody cliff. The good news is though that I am not letyting it get me down just making me more determined. I am being accountable for everything that I eat and keeping a strict food diary. I am also guilty of the 10 times a day scale jumping.

Antigone said...

Ooooo that looks like something i should be having after my training :) It looks more like a treat than a post workout meal yummo :)

I love what your saying about the scales, I know personelly i don't feel like the numbers that my scales are telling me and since making some changes to my mental thought patterns i am happy to say my numbers are dropping but as you say the numbers don't make me the person that i know i am inside :)

Hope you having a great day hun:)

Friday said...

Hi Liz
I am guilty of weighing every five mins... i know i know.
I have a question if thats ok?
Is there a reason you do yr run before yr leg training?
Thanks in advance

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

I actually wrote my post before I read yours. Maybe just maybe the pieces of my puzzle are starting to fit together :-)