Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Trained new client this morning.

Own training:
30 min run - more pacey,more aggressive - need to meet my leverage!

incline dumbbell chest press: 3x11
pec deck 30kg 3x11 /fast foot high step scrambles 3x15
BOSU straight leg push ups with arm placement variation
standing front press on BOSU
lateral raises 6/5/4 3 x11
upright rows on BOSU 15kg 3x11
twisting seated bicep curls as many as I could to failure

Got another lead for a PT client today. I'm amazed as I haven't advertised.

What else - gym is as cold as ice. How I am missing my beloved Fitness First! Somedays all I want to do is throw in the towel - why would someone my age want to compete again. Then sometimes having this goal really helps me, because it is keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I tried Rae's chicken san bow chow tonight - I used teriyaki and soy and nearly a kilo of veggies spread out between the 4 serves. I like to eat large!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Training today:

RPM 31
Seasun Zieger "Straight Up Step" combo 1

I am enjoying Seasun's new DVD, though being the complete dork I am, it is taking me a while to get some of the steps down. I will feel like a million bucks when I have learnt the whole thing and can do it.

Hmm, what else? Today has been fairly slow - I received the 80/20 diet book by Teresa Cutter that I won off Ebay - the photos of her dishes look nothing short of spectacular. I also won "Fit Food" for the princely sum of $6, so I will have some lovely new recipes to try.

Tonight I have made a Beef in Red Wine Casserole. I tried to make it as healthy as possible, but part of the recipe involves browning the meat in 1/4 cup olive oil - I used 3 T of lite Nuttelex, but apart from that kept the recipe the same. I also used leaner bacon.

Trolling has been good today. I did have a boiled lolly from Sarah's birthday party, but as I hardly eat sweets I'm not going to sweat it too much.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Which suit?

Here's a pic of me in my funky blue suit that Jo made me. I think the bottoms are a bit big, but apart from that I just love, love love the colour ;)


Training today: run easy with intensity ladder surges (+.1km/hr x 5) x 2 40 mins
Narrow grip pulldowns 3x11 (31/3 bricks)/Hack Squat 10kg 3x20 1:1
Barbell Pullovers: 3x11/hyperextensions with glute focus 3x20
Dumbbell Rows: 3x 11 (12kg) (note, need to watch technique more and squeeze dem lats)/glute hyperextension on the ball
overhead tricep extension: 3x9-11 (5kg)
tricep press down 1+1kg 3x11
medicine ball press 2 x 8

Seasun Zieger: Straight up Step - combo one.

Have just scored a personal training client. Handy as I haven't done any advertising as yet - now just have to work out where to fit clients/classes into training routine. I am trying to decide in which direction to go with life. I think that this year will end up being competition focused and the rest of the time will be spent training clients. I have been seriously thinking about starting a B.A - I am sure I will start being teased about collecting degrees, but I'm really interested in pursuing study in Journalism and Literature.

We must be about 19 weeks out from INBAs - my major push this time is to see how much more I can improve the abs/back and to be more comfortable with my posing and routine. Jo is going to do my routine again and I am busy listening to all sorts of music - maybe instrumental is the way to go this time - then there is no way I can lipsynch. Ugh.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Rest day today.

I decided upon going to bed last night to set a kick ass leverage. If I do not remain under 121.5 pounds by 22nd June, I do not get to go to Brisbane and forfeit my air tickets as well as the girls. We all then have a total bummer of a holiday.

I went to bed last night full of plans. First one is really working out my maintenance cals. Firstly by not trolling so I can be completely accurate and work out what is going on. Second plan is to do some new workouts this week.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 26th May

Training today:
Run easy: 35 mins (it was freezing and I had to do a 10 minute warm up)
RT: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Bench Press: 3.75kg/side 3 x 11 3:0:1:0
Incline Bench Press: 2.5kg/side 3 x 11 same tempo
Decline Flyes: 8kg 3 x 11 (s.t)
Abs on the Ball - 3 x 12
Behind Neck Press 20kg 3 x 11 (hard!)
Lat Raise: 6/5kg 3 x 11
Bicep Curls: 8kg 3x11

Haven't posted macros yet, but I am falling victim to the trolling monster. What I am learning - to sit down and eat rather than furtively snack. Still trying to work out maintenance.


Think I am coming down with the flu. These extremes in temperature - minus 1 to 25 degrees aren't helping. I'm really heartened that I'm getting stronger.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday 24th May

Teach "Ride Strong" 45min
Inward grip chins: 3 x 6 supersetted with Hack Squat 20kg 1 minute fast reps
Wide grip pulldown: 3 bricks (there are no weights here, only bricks you add to the equipment) 3x11 (tempo 3:0:1:0) supersetted with Leg Curls 5 bricks 1 minute fast reps
Seated row: narrow grip with back extension 2.2/3 bricks 3 x 11 supersetted with glute extension one minute moderate speed reps
Unassisted dips: 3x 8 3:0:1:0
Lying Tricep Extension on Incline bench: 11.5kg 3x 11
Close Grip Bench Press: OB 3x 10

Today's Eating:
136.18 Carbs
163.68 Pro
27.83 Fat
Macro Percentages

Better day today, had a look in the mirror and really feel my back is improving, though only time will tell.