Friday, January 29, 2010

Pizza Night

Thanks to everyone for their supportive comments, re studying Medicine. I want to let you all know how much they are appreciated. There are a few hurdles to get across as I mentioned in the last post, it's not a certainty, but I'm checking with the University to see whether I can get special consideration re the amount of time between degrees. If this all goes to plan, I'm going to give it a crack. If not, well, not meant to be and I'll be happy either way. I shall update when I know more of course. I know from seeing many friends study Medicine that it is not an easy road and the idea of being a doc is one that has to be taken with a lot of seriousness. Aside from the hopeful ability to be able to get through a challenging degree, I think that my love of connecting with others would be a major asset. Will have to see how it pans out....

Today I taught RPM at Toowong which is always a consistently good class to teach but for some reason I was feeling flat and lacking in energy this morning. I had to fight for every bit of load that I applied this morning and had to tough it out to the end! I'm using the same mix for High Performance in the morning, so if I get evil looks from people, I'll know it's not just me that is suffering!

I have mentioned on Facebook that I was sussing out a George Foreman Grill. I got several comments about the plates being a bit difficult to clean and I ended up with a Cuisinart "Griddler" from David Jones (with a handy 15% off too!) - the grill plates detach and it will be awesome for grilling the next poor chook I can find amongst other delights! I also bought a sushi maker from Robins with a Christmas Voucher and two big activity books for the girls with an ABC store voucher. I've done really well with buying no books or magazines in 2010 - I figure that I have easily saved enough for my Griddler purchase so I am happy (isn't it funny how women justify purchases?)

Tonight is "Pizza Night" at home - the girls are making pizzas for dinner and we have some DVDs rented from the video store (that they chose) so it should make for a nice family evening.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Struggle Street

Yes, that's me suffering from a good dose of BMW syndrome over my crook AC joint - bitch, moan and whine...

It's been a compelling reason to keep any goals I have quiet for now - I've had a flare up over the last couple of weeks (that came oddly after I spoke about my RPM goal, surprise surprise). The ol pelvis has chipped in to join the pity party and with this going on, I haven't felt much like blogging.

All of my injury complaints have been doing my head in - out of left field. Yesterday I receive a phone call from my mother - "you need to stop working at the gym and do your GAMSAT - you know you'd be a fantastic doctor". Then, I spoke to hubs, telling him the "crazy thing" my mother had told me to do. Expecting him to say, "that's just crazy," he instead told me that my mother was actually right and that I should go for it because I would be awesome.

GAMSAT is the Graduate Admissions Medical Test here - it's a 6 hour exam and to actually get through it would be a marvellous achievement in itself so I have thoughts of giving it a crack just for the heck of it. The problem is that if I went to UQ, although I fulfil Grade Point Av requirements, it's been more than 10 years since I did my last degree (oh dear, that sounds like I collect them) which may put me out of the running. The last time I fronted up for GAMSAT, I found I was preggers with Miss S, so I had to cancel the exam as I couldn't picture studying medicine with a young baby.

Incidentally applications close next week - have been trying to feel if this is where the universe is trying to direct me......could I, should I, this would be a huge decision and have to be done for the right reasons....

On other fronts, our house is nearing completion - floorboards are being polished next week, pool fence to be certified, pool to be filled and carpets and flyscreens to be organized after the handover - very excited about new house and my new office :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten Things I Love

Thanks to Steph for inspiring this one...

Ten things I love, I don't know where to start.....

Teaching RPM has surely grabbed my heart.

Then there is watching the sunrise, with a hearty mug of tea.

And my gorgeous hubby who loves to be with me.

What about the sound of the waves on the sand?

And holding onto both daughters tiny little hands?

There's also the joy of laughing with my friends ,

and saying, "no more heavy shit, I've really reached the end."

Learning new things every day and being a fantastic coach

Helping all my clients with an individual approach.

A shiny new pedicure, a massage of my head...

And when is all said and done, there's reading in my bed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ye Olde Blogge Ramble

I've been quiet on the blog front of late, because I've been thinking. Plus I have discovered that when I take on several things I do them, but not very well! In fact, I barely keep my head above water! I've been quietly discarding the superfluous from my life, mostly physical stuff as we prepare to move and realizing that at the end of the day, we don't need much to be truly happy.

To do something really well, one needs to prioritize. This is why Olympic athletes live their whole lives around their training - it's impossible to achieve that standard with everything else humming away in the background. It's what makes Figure Competitions so appealing to many - it's what got me competing in the first place - 20 weeks to focus on me, me, me!

I've been searching for that priority in my fitness life lately. I make a start, and feel like I get waylaid by injuries, class fills, and other minutiae I'd rather do without. Last Friday I blogged about my RPM Assessment with Maka which was an incredible learning experience - was a bit overwhelmed with the feedback but was able to take some of it into my class today and it really rocked - felt so strong, so powerful on the bike and alive! I really put the intensity on and toughed it out, even though there were some points where I just wanted to fade badly.

Inspired by this, I've signed up for an Advanced Instructor Module for RPM with Les Mills in February, exactly one month away. My goal and my intention is to really nail this module both with fitness and my presentation. Soooooo, I'm putting my first goal out there for the year. The module is locked in and I'd be doing myself a great disservice by turning up as less than the best version of myself. A month isn't too long to focus, the kids are going back to school and I'm not doing any pharmacy work. Me, me, me and RPM sounds rather nice! The aim of this being to have another crack at LMA auditions in May. I feel funny writing about this - I've had thoughts of "what if I don't succeed and I've got to blog about it again?" It's the same feeling I had when I came dead last in Figure Intermediate all those years ago - but I look back on that comp with pride - I did the best I could and arrived in the best condition I've achieved. So, if I don't make it, I'm going to look at it as a wonderful learning experience and I can only become a better coach and teacher for making the effort.

The plan involves doing what I can in the gym - mostly at this stage, very specific strength work and Pilates, indoor and outdoor cycling.

Nutrition wise, I do best on a good balance of foods - deprivation is not a term that I care to have in my vocabulary. Self care by honouring myself with the best nutrition that works for me is what I do best.

Katie has written a couple of thought provoking posts in the last few days. The one I've linked to, I could have written word for word. When I moved to the middle of nowhere and knew nobody, I felt exactly the same. Even though I'm a tried and true introvert, the importance of connection cannot be underestimated. That is how I got into blogging and found "my tribe" - all the other girls around competing in Figure in 2006.

The last six months or so has seen an evolution of the tribe I want to hang out with in the blogosphere. I've retained some excellent internet and real life friendships and others in my tribe have moved away from my circle as our lives and interests have diverged. This has puzzled me and saddened me at times, but I think there is an element of "nature" in it. I have evolved as well and cannot expect that the same people who thought I was cool back then to may be think I'm crash hot now I've had four years or so blogging about my neuroses. Though I must also say, I've met some pretty cool bloggers in the past few months whose blogs I love to read and comment on (waving!).

I too, feel happiest when I have a deep sense of connection with people too - Katie is an example of someone who I started with in a completely different context to where we are now. Same with many of my others like Shelley, Shan, Kerryn , Nicole and Kirst (if I've left anyone out, it's because I'll run out of room mentioning how fantastic you all are). True friendships grow - and embrace changes.

Meanwhile, I have still got one foot strongly leveraged in the Figure camp with girls who are prepping for various shows during the year. We're even going Fitness for the All Females in July - different training focus - just love the challenge of bringing in a smashing hot body that is going to spin some fantastic moves as well as look sensational - can't wait. All the other girls are doing really well, training hard and not turning into carb depleted lunatics. I'm so proud of 'em!

Monday, January 18, 2010


The Ants in your Pants Dance! -- powered by

Ever wanted to dance just like you've got ants in your pants?

I'm breaking out, I'm running free....I'm taking hip hop lessons next term! Just for something different.

Got up and trained this morning before coming home to house appointment. Now we're at the business end of things tying everything up and getting ready to move.

Speaking of moving I do have a couple of things on the sale tray this week

1 X Copy of "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson which is an excellent Paleo book I bought from "Mark's Daily Apple" - Mark is an former endurance athlete and's an excellent read - contact me - 15.00 + postage.

2 x Copies available of Cathe KickMAX
(was 35.00 now 20.00 each + postage)

2 x Copies of Cathe Low Max
which is a butt burning workout I used to shape the top of my legs for comp prep. I still recommend it to prospective clients. USes a step. Was 35.00 now 20.00.

Contact me via thefitnesssolution
if you are interested.

I also have some freebies if anyone is interested.

"Portable Personal Trainer" Eric Harr,
"Yoga" Jesse Chapman

Just need to pay for the postage!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night in Brisvegas!

It's Saturday night in Brisvegas and true to form, I'm relaxing in front of the computer having a giggle at some lol-cats. I think today's installment is hilarious. I had written on Facebook that I'm craving a feline in the house - I think it's Rae's Bengal kitties that are having that effect on me, they are just gorgeous. I did own a kitty cat - a Burmese - who went by the name of Secret because she was a "secret surprise" for my 21st birthday and she was amazing and quite trainable (being a coach of all things, I want to train everybody!). The biggest downside is that hubs hates cats. So I'm hoping that this feeling of wanting cats will go away soon - I've even taking to dream about them a few times in the last week or so...subconscious is a strange thing..what gives?

I finally found the chance to throw around a few weights after teaching Step this morning - I don't usually teach Step on Saturdays but the usual instructor was away so John taught my RPM and I filled Step instead - I wasn't as shattered as I usually am post RPM so I did lots of shoulder drills and can feel how weak the muscles on my bad side are - but this will improve. One and a half weeks until school starts again and I can focus more on myself.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Results Not Typical

Chelle tagged me a few days back about what a day in my life looked like. To be honest I was trying to string together a set of days that was similar but no can do, every day is completely different for me.

I thought I would just share what's happened in my life today - "results not typical".

7am: Rise after unexpected sleep in - no classes to teach this morning.
7.15am: Make cup of tea (today it was Perth Breakfast from T2) and sit down to bowl of oats, protein powder and dash of milk - oats are back on the menu after a hiatus. Chat to hubs over breakfast (girls are still asleep). I tell him that last night I dreamt that we had a lot of kittehs in the house that we trying to get out, despite my best efforts in keeping them inside the house - I think the "Bendable Learnings" term for this phenomena is ...... "it was like herding cats".

7.30am -8.30am: Dress and get ready to teach RPM. Revise choreo notes and additional notes I have made about the mix that I'm teaching this morning. Am being filmed for assessment by Maka, our Senior RPM mentor at Fitness First so I've spent the better part of the week going through the education sessions, the choreography etc. Girls meanwhile get up and get dressed and I organize breakfast for them

8.45am - drop girls at my parent's home to have a play with their cousin whilst I teach RPM.
9.00am- get to RPM feeling rather nauseous at the thought of being filmed and assessed, could I possibly have a quick hurl in the ladies beforehand and would I feel any better for it? Decide against it - I remember one of my PT clients who used to tell me no matter how hard I pushed her that "she didn't do vomiting". I decided to follow suit.
9.15am - class participants start rolling in and I meet Maka, who sets up the videocamera and gives me a few tips and tells me how he does the assessment. Maka is a top bloke who would do anything to put your mind at ease - which made the whole assessment procedure a much better experience - he is encouraging and insightful and even though I'm feeling nervous, I'm so glad that he's there.
9.30am - Start the class and try to stay focused on the "Five Key Elements" that we use when we are teaching classes. I have a pretty busy class, they're a really great bunch of participants, which helps as well.
10.15am or so - class ends and I bid all the participants farewell and Maka stays back with me and gives me a brief assessment of the class and a few pointers (he's going to do a more thorough analysis and put my class onto DVD for me to watch and learn from). We were going to have lunch or morning tea but we both had children duties so we'll meet up again in a few weeks.
11am - have a bite of morning tea -after killing myself in RPM, a few good carbs are on the menu and I "digest"what Maka had to say. As you get better and better, there is much more expectation about what you should deliver and I got some really good ideas out of the feedback.
11.30am - do one of my biweekly fruit and veggie shops, try to decide what we're having for dinner( didn't get round to my menu this week) and head to parent's place.
12.30 - share lunch with my Mum - big salad, some lean ham and 2 nectarines to finish up - have a good chat.
3pm - take girls home answer emails and get ready to go to the pool.
4pm - take girls swimming (perfect opportunity to have a Diet Coke and kick back with Alan Aragon's Research Review.
6pm - prepare dinner (steak, steamed veggies, with yoghurt as a bedtime snack)
7pm - have dinner with the family and usually watch a DVD with them or play some games
8pm - computer time
9pm - watch movie or TV show with hubby next week - Aussie Open!
10pm - lights out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Million Dollar Question

Our family were having a rather fun time tonight coming up with the types of questions that should be asked as the final one on "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". I was suggesting that the question be about something that we should really know about, almost off by heart, but cannot remember for the life of you when you're in that hot seat.

The conversation turned towards the programs that the kids watched when they were little. We felt that, at the time we knew every episode of "Teletubbies", "Thomas the Tank Engine" and "Bob the Builder" off by heart.. Therefore it was highly amusing when Hubs asked me, "for a million dollars ....what were the names of all of the characters in Bob the Builder?" I managed Bob and Wendy and Spud the Scarecrow and was feeling really chuffed with my efforts thus far when hubs said, "what about the cat?" I couldn't remember its name and we all started singing "Bob the Builder" at the tops of our voices to try and jog our memories.

"I have it! The cat's name is Pilchard!" I yelled (one million wasn't going to slip through my finger tips that easily).
Somehow we managed to get through all of the characters except for the cement mixer - nobody could remember the name at all.

I'm embarrassed to say that I went and looked it up on the Internet. I want to be able to go to bed and rest easy in the knowledge that I finally KNOW.

The cement mixer's name was Dizzy.

Look out Eddie McGuire...I'm coming!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still on the brain topic

Today I had further (unexpected) insights into where I need to go this year. Thank goodness I didn't set any concrete goals - looks like a path is being laid out for me as we speak.

Right now, I'm immersed in school holiday activities. Today I saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeakwel" with the girls after doing a Bodystep fill at Jinders this morning. I seem to be doing quite a few fill ins at the moment - I'm sure the reason for that is that I'm being given the opportunity to practice my teaching more often as LMI auditions are on again in May and I'm going to have another tilt at it, all things being good on the injury front.

My shoulder has settled down nicely and I'm hoping to test it with some weights next week. I can't see my way clear this week with another 7 classes to go before the end of the week. I'm sure my big quads have grown even more massive with some decent load being applied in RPM.

Tomorrow's goal involves doing another menu plan up - last week's effort was really successful and being prepared felt pretty good.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Going through a Right Brained Crisis

Katie posted a really interesting test to see whether you predominantly use your left or right side of your brain. I'm predominantly a right brain user - when extremely stressed fall into both patterns.

I'm writing this blog because I want to ask you all a question. Do you believe that things happen for a reason? That some events aren't really an accident or a coincidence?

I strongly believe that this is the case. Today the air around me seems to have been filled with the realms of possibility - events have happened today that aren't really what I thought was part of my plan. However, maybe they are - I just haven't realized it. I'm not trying to be mysterious or anything, I'm talking about things that can occur in everyday living.

For example, I left my keys in the local health food shop by mistake when I was doing an RPM fill one evening last week. The shop usually closes at 5pm. I taught class, showered and then realized I didn't have my keys with me. I thought that I would have to call the Centre Management, then decided that I would go to where I thought I had left them - the health food shop. Lo and behold, one of the doors to the shop was open (at 7.30pm no less) and my keys were on the counter. One of the staff members had stayed back to do a stocktake or similar and told me that "I was expected to arrive at some time".

At the moment it feels like my right brain is really tugging me towards something - then I'm brought back to Earth by the left side, telling me to pull it in, be sensible and not to be a cracker.

Hmm, maybe I've been infiltrated by Gollum?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Female Body

Isn't it amazing how the female body works? That roughly every 28 days the body releases an egg that can join with an entity outside the body, get fertilized and result in a pregnancy? Even more amazing that in adult women (of childbearing age) this process is repeated month after the month and the body undergoes processes to prepare for an impending pregnancy. Of course, if no fertilization occurs, women menstruate. What I think is also amazing is that a woman can be so in tune with her own body that she can know almost to the day when she is going to menstruate.

In my own experience, things happen within my body and my mind that signal impending menstruation. I have a nosebleed, almost without fail, a few days before (as oestrogen/progesterone levels are dropping), I am extremely hungry on the day or two before it arrives and I'm cranky right before. Like many women, I often crave a quick fix of sugary fatty foods and feel like a new woman when it arrives.

Despite the nasty period pain, despite PMS, I am grateful that I function the way God intended me to. I can't believe that I probably have less than ten years of menstruation left, so I want to enjoy all the benefits of being a healthy fertile woman whilst I can.

It's little wonder that many women "blossom" in their 40s and I hope to be one of them.

Wow, wasn't sure what I was going to write today - just said that I was going to 'go with the flow' (pardon the pun)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Sharing is Caring!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kerry for RPM and a cuppa which was great fun. Kerry and I met for the first time at the INBA Nationals in 2008 and have seen each other briefly since then. If you check out Kerry's blog you'll see she's a Crossfit babe (aka can work very hard without throwing up), so I threw down the gauntlet and invited her to come and try out RPM.

I was a bit unsure of how I'd go, because I had filled in the 6.00am class and here I was backing up again at 9.30am, thinking of the two classes I did yesterday and the two I did the day before. However the thought of not giving my 100% when I had a wonderful workout to share was unbearable and we managed to thrash it out to the end.

I knew Kerry had worked hard because I could hear some heavy breathing at the end (I was thinking "have I tamed the Crossfit chick?), so I casually asked her how she enjoyed the class and how she was feeling.

"There was one stage where I wanted to spew," said Kerry. "Oh, goody," I thought, "mission accomplished!"

We had a great old chatter and a nice Chai Latte and Hot Chocolate and chewed the fat about workouts, nutrition, blogs and everything in between. Being 40 and mothers, there's a lot of common ground between us, fun, fun ,fun!

Kerry, if you're reading this, I hope you can meet me for an RPM workout again (plus a complimentary triceps workout! Yeah, I'll take ya!.....)

Anyway, bottom line about why I'm writing about this is to say that blogging is a great way to meet up with others who share the same interests. And whilst climbing the performance mountain is great, it's always a wonderful thing to share the view at the top....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

How can you spot a fit chick?

Q: How can you spot a fit chick?

A: Visit her home and check her laundry, you'll see workout gear in the linen hamper, workout gear in the washing machine and workout gear on the clothesline (or hanging up inside when it's raining)


Have decided I can't feel my legs anymore after filling Bodystep this morning and then teaching my regular Thursday RPM gig. And, it was supposed to be leg day (fatta chance-a). Tomorrow's effort includes giving the crew at Toowong a 6am and a 9.30am thrashing. Are my legs up to the task? I'm thinking of Shelley today and how she got on lifting her heavy shit. I'm wondering if she'd like to lend me some moral support on my quest for a total "out of lower body" experience...


It's little wonder that today I felt like I could eat a horse - here's what's gone down, just for fun.

3am - woke up hungry, told myself to hop back into bed.
5am - first breakfast - small bowl of Fruity Bix and Trim Milk
6am- teach Bodystep
7.30am - monster bowl of oats, powder and dash of milk
9.30am - (wondering how those oats could have disappeared so fast) Larabar
11.00- (wondering now where the Larabar is...) apple and 1 l of water
12pm - teach RPM (smash it!)
1.30pm - sushi (raw tuna and sesame)
3pm - white Freddo (they have magic powers, right?)
4pm - rice cakes, cottage cheese and tuna
7pm - beef casserole, mashed potatoes, copious amount of greens (wondering now where the sushi, frog, rice cake and tuna have gone - probably now camping out with the oats and the Larabar)
from here in in: not sure.

I think TOM must be due for a visit - I can't believe how much I've put away today. Body obviously needs it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back on the Bike

It's back on the bike this afternoon to teach RPM! I usually don't teach in the evenings, but poor John has rolled his ankle so he is at home resting (I gave him strict instructions to cheer for the Aussies in the cricket...being a Kiwi, that is going to be interesting!). I'm looking forward to it as Fitness First at Toowong have brand new shiny Spinner bikes and I have yet to have a play.

Also taught Step this morning which was good fun. Tired leggies and sore upper body from the pussy weights on Tuesday!

I'm still really enjoying our menu this week - especially when Pecan Pie makes it onto the menu with a touch of icecream for arvo tea and Sticky Date Pudding makes an appearance for dessert. You may be wondering if this is heralding a return to "Dirty Diana" eating, but no, I eat so well most of the time an indulgence or two here and there is one of life's pleasures. Plus it is amazing how we condition ourselves to think we need more than we really do. The pleasure comes from the first couple of mouthfuls, then becomes slowly forgettable the more you eat. So the trick is to stop at the third mouthful so you're in line with what you're trying to experience. These treats are not on today's menu - there is more a focus on tropical fruits and steamed seasonal vegetables which provides a nice balance to Tuesday's delights.

Today I'm proud to report that I am a Guest Blogger on Katie's site - I've never done a guest blog before and I felt a bit rusty as I wrote, but go on over there and let her know whether it's a thumbs up or a thumbs down (in which case, you may remain anonymous lol!). Thanks for having me, Katie :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Here Puss Puss!

That was Shelley calling me out on my leg training! We spent the day sorting out our assorted treasures to put onto Ebay, chattering away about the pussy weights I lifted and the heavy shit she smashed. It was all going to plan when she suddenly turned to me and said "are your legs sore?" I told her that I was too scared to tell her that my pussy weights had inflicted nasty DOMS and that I'm walking around like I've got a pole wedged when it 'don't belong' (thanks Nicole).

This morning's training effort went well - more hip flexor work and shoulder rehab which took about 20 minutes to get through and then I did some girly push ups pain free as well as pussy weighted cable rows using the Paramount machine and some medium grip lat pull downs. I also did a 26 (yes I counted!) minute set of undulating X trainer intervals (that sounds pretty techo).

As for the pussy above, it's of my favourite breed, the Burmese. It is an open secret that I would like to again have a couple of kitties in my life but unfortunately hubs hates cats. No win situation there.

I have just read Kerry's post about her hip (sorry to hear about the inflammation ) and it reminded me of just how frustrating injuries can be. I think that my own rehab experiences have taught me that it's a real journey - ie do things, but progress slowly without too much agenda and in an obtuse way given me the confidence that I can conquer whatever comes my way (to a point). Which is why I haven't blogged about specific goals, figuring that it's more prudent (after last year's disaster where I achieved nothing) for me to be vague about things. That way I'm not down on myself for not achieving something I wanted to do yet everything that I can do is an added bonus!

Generally I believe goal setting is a good idea and can give you a template to achieve things in a set order. However, it's not just about the end point, it's the journey in between. Some of my goals have been interrupted by random occurrences where I have veered off on a tangent and it's often been some of the best life experiences I've ever had.

No matter how tightly, factually and precisely we want to do something eg achieve a goal (Left Brain thinking), there will be some point where things will happen in a rather nebulous way that is the Universe's or God's way of telling you "it was meant to happen" - right brain thinking at it's best. I think when this happens, it's not necessarily a poor reflection of your character, there's often more to the story.

I wonder if true success is all about accepting the balance that is right for you?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Hello legs, did you miss me?

Training today:
Running: Intervals 2:1 cycles 40 minutes (yee-haw!)
Hip flexor stretching and glute activation (let's hope 2010 is not the year of the Cranky Hip Flexor)

Lower Body Strength Training:
1) Rack Pull 4 x 10
2) Leg Press 4 x 10 (back didn't like leg press, so I'll probably squat next week)
3) Plank 2 x 1 minute

Felt good to lift some weight, though it was nowhere near the heavy shit that I had been moving late last year. I'm a big pussy when it comes to leg DOMS, can't stand it!

On a brighter note, guess what's for lunch?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I should be grateful

I should be grateful that Miss G likes my modified tuna burgers but it was a case of "leave some for me, that's Monday and Wednesday's lunch!". As I mentioned in my last post it was time to "just do it" and work out an entire week of meals for the family.

As I like to fly by the seat of my pants with most meals - probably because after all these years, I'm in a cooking rut, it felt like I was chained to the computer as I slaved away on my spreadsheet. Why the organization? My reasons aren't to do with comp prep or anything like that - I am hoping that I spend less on my weekly groceries - my tendency is to run out to the shops at the last minute and pick up dinner stuff as well as other items that "I think we may need" (aka stuff that we DON'T need).

As well as the lamb cutlets I made, I also did a really nice chilli, made a new version of the Paleo Tuna Burgers I blogged about last year as well as create a special something for Shelley and Nicole. Nicole gave me the best 40th presents, some chocolates she had melted into the shape of a male member (she also has boob moulds I am told!). Well, it was great because my husband who can't keep his hands off chocolate, could not come at licking these phallic treats. I think that it's the only chocolate that I've been given that I was able to eat all by myself in my own good time!

Here's the recipe for Tuna Burgers, not quite Paleo, but taste better in my opinion.

One big can of tuna in springwater, thoroughly drained
1/4 cup of linseeds/flax seeds partially ground
dash of teriyaki marinade
one onion in very fine dice (I used food processor)
1 egg
2 tablespoons unprocessed bran
3 tablespoons oats (partially ground)

Mix everything together and compress into egg rings or burger moulds. Cook and slide out of moulds. This lot made 7 decent sized patties.

Guess who's having tuna burgers and a big fat salad tomorrow for lunch???

Just Do It Girl is in da house!

Today I'm organizing a week's worth of dinners and a new training program that will see my dinky shoulder progress back to normal. How does Moroccan Lamb Cutlets with Greens and Orange Couscous sound? I nabbed that one out of the Australian Healthy Food Guide magazines as well as one for Tangy Chicken Curry. Shelley is coming over on Tuesday so we can play Ebay together (as we're both highly committed to removing the extraneous crap from our lives and Ebay is the perfect place to try our luck - though my blog has been a good source of business as well. Most of the items I listed have sold and I hope that everyone who purchased these little bargains enjoys them as much as I did.

I've bought a monthly pass to our local pool and am going to start swimming again. I've been testing out the dodgy shoulder by doing a bit of "air freestyle" which is more embarrassing to look at than painful, so hopefully the added resistance that the water gives won't make too much of a difference.

On that note, I had better sign off and create my shopping list. My weekly menu, is in (gasp!) a Word Table. Stranger phenomenons have happened, I'm sure, but this is a first for me.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Bringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

We saw in the New Year at my Sister-in-Law's place which was a pretty good evening. Hubs is becoming quite the Masterchef and made all sorts of really nice snacky starters and I made a pecan pie (yeah, that sucker was goooooodddd). Watched the Sydney fireworks on the telly as well as play with their new Labrador puppy, Louie. What I learned last night is that I'm horribly allergic to those glow stick thingies that are all the rage and that pecan pie tastes as good as ever.
Now onto the New Year. I've decided that this is the year of the "just-do-it" chick. No time management books to act as my compass, just me, me and me!

"she wanted to run, she wanted to race, but the main thing she wanted was something to chase"