Friday, January 01, 2010

Bringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

We saw in the New Year at my Sister-in-Law's place which was a pretty good evening. Hubs is becoming quite the Masterchef and made all sorts of really nice snacky starters and I made a pecan pie (yeah, that sucker was goooooodddd). Watched the Sydney fireworks on the telly as well as play with their new Labrador puppy, Louie. What I learned last night is that I'm horribly allergic to those glow stick thingies that are all the rage and that pecan pie tastes as good as ever.
Now onto the New Year. I've decided that this is the year of the "just-do-it" chick. No time management books to act as my compass, just me, me and me!

"she wanted to run, she wanted to race, but the main thing she wanted was something to chase"


ss2306 said...

Happy New Year just-do-it girl.

Remember girlgetsitdone!! Da da.

Pecan pie - mmmmmmm yum. Any left for me??

LizN said...

Yes there's a theme there. I have leftovers, would you like me to bring you a slice tomorrow?

Nicole said...

Happy new year!! Mmmmm..... Pecan pie - I'm with Shelley.... bringing left overs tomorrow for us? :) hehe Nicole xx

Shaboom said...

Hey Miss Crim Cat! lol Happy new year. Sounds like you had a nice night. Thanks for the tag, will have to try to think of what I can write now. Here's to the year of " Just doin it" xx