Monday, January 18, 2010


The Ants in your Pants Dance! -- powered by

Ever wanted to dance just like you've got ants in your pants?

I'm breaking out, I'm running free....I'm taking hip hop lessons next term! Just for something different.

Got up and trained this morning before coming home to house appointment. Now we're at the business end of things tying everything up and getting ready to move.

Speaking of moving I do have a couple of things on the sale tray this week

1 X Copy of "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson which is an excellent Paleo book I bought from "Mark's Daily Apple" - Mark is an former endurance athlete and's an excellent read - contact me - 15.00 + postage.

2 x Copies available of Cathe KickMAX
(was 35.00 now 20.00 each + postage)

2 x Copies of Cathe Low Max
which is a butt burning workout I used to shape the top of my legs for comp prep. I still recommend it to prospective clients. USes a step. Was 35.00 now 20.00.

Contact me via thefitnesssolution
if you are interested.

I also have some freebies if anyone is interested.

"Portable Personal Trainer" Eric Harr,
"Yoga" Jesse Chapman

Just need to pay for the postage!


Laynie - The Marketing Muscle said...

You go girl. Who you learning Hip Hop through? My nephew is a dancer and instructor, and has just moved to Brisbane. He is AWESOME. I know I'm his Aunt, but he has all the rhythm that I sooooo lack. I want photos Liz. Enjoy!

Lauren said...

Seriously Liz, that was so funny! Brightened my day! Thanks.