Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back on the Bike

It's back on the bike this afternoon to teach RPM! I usually don't teach in the evenings, but poor John has rolled his ankle so he is at home resting (I gave him strict instructions to cheer for the Aussies in the cricket...being a Kiwi, that is going to be interesting!). I'm looking forward to it as Fitness First at Toowong have brand new shiny Spinner bikes and I have yet to have a play.

Also taught Step this morning which was good fun. Tired leggies and sore upper body from the pussy weights on Tuesday!

I'm still really enjoying our menu this week - especially when Pecan Pie makes it onto the menu with a touch of icecream for arvo tea and Sticky Date Pudding makes an appearance for dessert. You may be wondering if this is heralding a return to "Dirty Diana" eating, but no, I eat so well most of the time an indulgence or two here and there is one of life's pleasures. Plus it is amazing how we condition ourselves to think we need more than we really do. The pleasure comes from the first couple of mouthfuls, then becomes slowly forgettable the more you eat. So the trick is to stop at the third mouthful so you're in line with what you're trying to experience. These treats are not on today's menu - there is more a focus on tropical fruits and steamed seasonal vegetables which provides a nice balance to Tuesday's delights.

Today I'm proud to report that I am a Guest Blogger on Katie's site - I've never done a guest blog before and I felt a bit rusty as I wrote, but go on over there and let her know whether it's a thumbs up or a thumbs down (in which case, you may remain anonymous lol!). Thanks for having me, Katie :)


KatieP said...

Pleasure was all mine Mrs ♥

Nicole said...

I just gobbled up my big slice of peacan pie thanks very much - very yummy!! Thank you :) Nicole xx

Van said...

Hey there Liz :)

Chanced upon your blog upon KatieP's site.. wow, really well written and you're so motivational.

I'm in the same line as you- am a GX-instructor in my country and I bet it gets hard sometimes.. If you know what I mean-- feeling not at ease with yourself and having to teach on stage, I'm having one of those days now.

On a brighter note..
Nice to meet you!


Kek said...

Hellooooo! Long time no comment, but I'm all caught up now. That's one blog down, a million to go. :)

Once again I see we're living parallel lives - I like kittehs too, buy my husband is allergic. Damn.

I'll get to the tags soon, promise.


ss2306 said...

Now I'm really crippled so much that I emailed the Mattster to see if I could postpone training till Friday but no can do so it's suck it up princess.

Did you love the sticky date?? I loved your pecan!!

I commented on Katie's blog about you post.

You might need a rest tomorrow honey with all your awesomeness this week.

LizN said...

Shelley - loved the sticky date pud. Sof should audition for Junior Masterchef!

Kek, glad you're back!

Hi Van, nice to meet you too! Yes there are a lot of expectations on us instructors to be perfect but I'm all for a bit of "human factor" too!