Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Female Body

Isn't it amazing how the female body works? That roughly every 28 days the body releases an egg that can join with an entity outside the body, get fertilized and result in a pregnancy? Even more amazing that in adult women (of childbearing age) this process is repeated month after the month and the body undergoes processes to prepare for an impending pregnancy. Of course, if no fertilization occurs, women menstruate. What I think is also amazing is that a woman can be so in tune with her own body that she can know almost to the day when she is going to menstruate.

In my own experience, things happen within my body and my mind that signal impending menstruation. I have a nosebleed, almost without fail, a few days before (as oestrogen/progesterone levels are dropping), I am extremely hungry on the day or two before it arrives and I'm cranky right before. Like many women, I often crave a quick fix of sugary fatty foods and feel like a new woman when it arrives.

Despite the nasty period pain, despite PMS, I am grateful that I function the way God intended me to. I can't believe that I probably have less than ten years of menstruation left, so I want to enjoy all the benefits of being a healthy fertile woman whilst I can.

It's little wonder that many women "blossom" in their 40s and I hope to be one of them.

Wow, wasn't sure what I was going to write today - just said that I was going to 'go with the flow' (pardon the pun)

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Lauren said...

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