Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night in Brisvegas!

It's Saturday night in Brisvegas and true to form, I'm relaxing in front of the computer having a giggle at some lol-cats. I think today's installment is hilarious. I had written on Facebook that I'm craving a feline in the house - I think it's Rae's Bengal kitties that are having that effect on me, they are just gorgeous. I did own a kitty cat - a Burmese - who went by the name of Secret because she was a "secret surprise" for my 21st birthday and she was amazing and quite trainable (being a coach of all things, I want to train everybody!). The biggest downside is that hubs hates cats. So I'm hoping that this feeling of wanting cats will go away soon - I've even taking to dream about them a few times in the last week or so...subconscious is a strange thing..what gives?

I finally found the chance to throw around a few weights after teaching Step this morning - I don't usually teach Step on Saturdays but the usual instructor was away so John taught my RPM and I filled Step instead - I wasn't as shattered as I usually am post RPM so I did lots of shoulder drills and can feel how weak the muscles on my bad side are - but this will improve. One and a half weeks until school starts again and I can focus more on myself.

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Nicole said...

I agree Liz.. I was a little ambitious to try to dive into my training while the kids are still on holidays. Can't wait for life to return to normal routine. :)