Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If I thought 2007 was a big one, look out 2008!

I cannot believe the amazing year I have had with starting my coaching business, teaching classes and moving back to Brisbane.

My general coaching and Figure Prep books are full and I'm really looking forward to what 2008 will bring. I must say that I am enjoying this aspect of things immensely. There is nothing better than to see people "bloom" as they progress with their training and nutrition. No two trainees are the same which means there is no set formula I use with people. It may sound hokey, but getting fit can be a life changing experience. I see the same thing in my classes - I have met such great people through teaching classes at Fitness First - I can see myself teaching classes for many years to come.

There are some other big plans in the works which I'm not quite ready to talk about (and no that doesn't include having more kids so rest easy).

I taught two classes today - RPM and Bodystep. I am definitely feeling a little cardioed out. I had to have a Lindor ball to bring me back into balance :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy busy and the "off season" look

Here's a great pic of Alicia who is almost at the peak of her "off season" training. I'm particularly proud of Miss Alicia because she has totally turned her whole training and eating regime around in the past few months ... and as you can see from the pic, she is living lean and loving life as well as putting on a good whack of muscle - this is evident by the fact that she can do many many unassisted pull ups! Doesn't she look awesome?

I managed to put in a fairly decent week training wise and was absolutely thrilled to hit a PB on my dumbell press yesterday. I gave the girls a good thrashing in RPM yesterday.

Today, though, the traffic was so bad that I missed half of my class, my fantastic GFC stepped in and taught the first half - though my legs certainly weren't happy about starting at Track 5.

It will be a busy week with 6 classes to teach and 4 strength training sessions to complete. I am now looking for more progression from Mike which will be interesting. But first it is off to prep for Bodystep tomorrow at Toowong.

Friday, October 26, 2007

"befores", on post comp nutrition

I have finally managed to work out how to get Shannon's before pic up so you can see where we started from in April 2007. There is quite a difference there, don't you think?
Shannon and I have been working on post comp nutrition and have been focusing on gradually gaining weight in a healthy way. In our photo shoot, she is a kilo heavier than she was at the comp 10 days prior. Being around to support Shannon post competition is extremely important to me as many athletes, myself included often experience "post competition let down" as the goal you have worked so hard to move towards has been achieved and moved past. Celebrating the achievement, working through the natural lull that occurs afterwards and resetting the focus is another journey in itself!
Despite being saddled with really horrible TOM - I don't know why some months are worse than others but the old Nurofen are being treated like Smarties here - I did Lene's RPM class and then taught "Core". Brutal is the only word I can use to describe Lene's class - Track 6 was 3 x 90second repeats at close to 100% - I was cussing at him under my breath today.
Looking forward to hopefully seeing Anne and training lower body tomorrow morning.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trying on a different hat!

Yesterday Shannon and I did our own "photo shoot" at Fitness First, Indooroopilly. We had been searching around for a good photographer to take some shots (unfortunately Jadey has been booked solid). Then we came up with the brilliant idea of doing them ourselves - so we got down and dirty to "Fergalicious" (what's a photo shoot without pumping music, right :) ).

I have to say that as a rank amateur, I'm thrilled with these pictures! I tried to remember my own photo shoot with Jadey and tried to work with the different textures and colours in the room/gym. Often Shannon would move into a certain position and the Gestapo in me would take over and yell out "Stop! Hold it right there!"

I'll be posting more pics over the next few days, but just wanted to give you an idea of how we did.

Today I did a cardio only training session - I can't remember the last time I got on the treadmill and I did what I call a "creep" run, steady state elliptical and these evil "row n race" intervals. I then blasted my legs with defensive squats off the step - 3 sets. Those who read my blog and are also clients know that I have a real penchant for giving my workouts different names. I think it's so much more interesting than "ride the bike for thirty minutes", names like "Bike Smasher" workout sound way more intriguing.

I'm off to send a few emails and watch "Bionic Woman".

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

quick catch up

Busy times as per usual! Let's see, yesterday Miss S was unwell and my dearest hubs came home early so I could go and train - I trained lower body and did some cracking "acceleration" work on the bike. Ouch! Unfortunately I slept weirdly on my shoulder last night and my neck/shoulder area is giving me trouble now. Not good when you do a lot of computer work~ it will be the wheat pack treatment and gentle mobs. tonight and physio if no better in the am.

This morning I taught Bodystep (did 5 Tracks from Bodystep 47!) and did upper body. My shoulder was not bothering me at the time. Then Shannon and I met for our own little photo shoot. Our first choice of course was Jadey, but she has been super busy - so I assumed the role of photographer and took 100 shots of Shannon - now I will have a pic of her for everyday of my blog - but she looked fantastic and well, she's worth it :). We put on some great music (think "Fergalicious"!) and got down and had a bit of a groove.

I'm still on an asparagus bender. I knocked off two bunches today - one with lunch and one as a snack with some of my Thai Chicken Rissoles - who said eating well had to mean eating bland, boring food? I obviously need an intervention!

The other thing I meant to mention is that Cathe's new DVD arrived. I immediately did the kickbox/Bootcamp workout - 53 minutes of sheer heart pumping madness. Woohoo!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Balance, Brilliance and Finding Success

I have been reading an interesting post by Peta today all about the subject of "balance" and what it's concept could possibly mean - might "balance" be a concept invented by the winners to trick the losers into claiming a false sense of dignity?" Peta then dances around the topic of obsession - looking at an article by a sports psychologist named Jeff Bond which basically states that " focus and motivation aka mental attitude is 90% responsible for successful results", and suggests that Bond is saying is, "how do you become obsessive (especially when everyone tells you otherwise)?" I think Peta is trying to point out here that sometimes you need an obsessive streak to achieve your goals, fitness or otherwise - a good point IMHO, and yes, I think you do need to have some "fire in the belly" to get the job done.
I'm leaving out the details of the rest of the post which you can check out by clicking on "Peta's" name on my side bar to check out the rest of it. I like Peta's posts, she is a real thinker and challenges the status quo.
But back to me..
I think the concept of "balance" doesn't have to be banal, neither does it need to be boring. Rather I think in some ways it could be called perspective. I don't believe you have to shackle creativity, passion, achievement or most importantly inspiration to achieve "balance". Balance/perspective is different for everyone. If your passion, calling or goals is blighting you physically, spiritually and mentally, it may be time to have another look. Passion, brilliance and heady madness can coexist with peace.
If your passion makes you thrive and dance the dizzying heights and is energy giving - chances are that you're also balanced. If what you're doing sucks the life and energy out of you and possesses you like the Ring did to Gollum, then you're out of whack. You could call it positively or negatively "obsessed". Wow, I think I may have just gone around in a massive circle. I need to work more on my writing skills I can see.
Today I have had Miss S sick and vomiting. Luckily my parents were able to watch her whilst I taught RPM this morning. I am guessing that tomorrow won't be much better either. Time to break open Cathe's 4 day split - arrived today.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've been on an asparagus bender!

I love this time of year when asparagus is in season. I chomped through two bunches today. I just steam it for a minute or so, then dunk it into icy water and it makes an awesome snack. I don't know what my work mates thought today as I did a pharmacy locum for the first time in months but they all commented on how much food I could put away. As well as all of the asparagus I had put together an absolutely gi-normous turkey salad for lunch and I munched on a Slim Secrets bar, smoked salmon and a small banana. Yum :)

However, I am not always perfect when it comes to eating and as Rick Kausmann writes in his fantastic book, "If Not Dieting, Then What?", everyone will overeat at one stage or another due to a multitude of different factors. Last night, it was all about the food. A dear friend of mine from Fitness First (who is Indian) made me a curry - a beautiful lamb biriyani with exquisite saffron rice and vegetables and nuts. DH and I fell on it like we had been deprived of food most of our lives and it was "game on" to see who could scrape out the casserole dish first! It felt good going down, but I definitely felt uncomfortable about 20 minutes later. It was just another thing to chalk up to experience - watch out for the orgasmic rice I say !

I managed to get in a third strength training session for the week - I am extremely proud of myself - upped the weights for all exercises, quite the thrill really and I am sitting here with DOMS from head to toe.

Definitely looking forward to some R and R tomorrow - slopping round the house and reading the paper.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I twang mai fu king glootes!

Had my second training session of the week - I started off with a 20 minute treadmill run - it feels like the longest time since I did this and then it was down and dirty with Mike's program, firstly using a foam roller to mobilize and stretch all my stiff bits (and there are a few of those), glute firing exercises and hip openers - yeah I was the crazy girl doing a "Walking Spiderman" up and down the gym. I got a few stares - I'm sure a few blokes thought I was going to spin a web and fly into the RPM room but it just didn't happen.

Instead I squared up in front of the mirror and did 5 x 5s of conventional deadlifts, finishing strong with my glutes. Then I gave my glutes the treatment with plate front squats - I did these side onto the mirror and as Mike predicted, my squat technique is so much better - here I am getting my butt lower than my knees, my shoulders lifted and the best part - my feet are solidly on the ground. Yeah Mike!

Then it was onto Single Leg RDLs - can I tell you how much I suck at these - had to use no weight in the end and focus, focus, focus on technique and not losing my balance. Jen Hendershott makes these look so easy in Oxygen Magazine....ugh!

Then onto lunges - on the third set, my tired glutes gave up on me and I felt a "twang" in my left glute - so I stopped, stretched, did my Woodchops and called it a day. I'm just about to get a heat pack to sit on. Ouch!

Shannon and I met up yesterday and we had Vietnamese - totally yum. We had a great time reliving our comp moments and having a good laugh and importantly coming up with a post comp nutrition game plan. She gave me a great box of Lindor chocolates and a gift voucher from Pure Indulgence (to treat the tan-hands: ) ) and I gave her the beginnings of where we are heading post comp. It is great to be able to take someone to a competition in great shape but it's even more important to get back on an even keel nutritionally afterwards and regain weight in a healthy way.

That's about it for me today - teaching CORE tomorrow at Toowong - I learnt last week that short shorts and BOSUs don't mix well - you have to watch out for "BOSU bum".

One for Lia!

Here is another photo of Shannon showing off her awesome back. I promise I'll stop soon, but I just can't help myself :) Somebody stop me ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here she is!

Now honestly, who do you think has the best make up here? I certainly know who had the best body, that is for sure. Here is Miss Shannon, looking amazing again at the ANB titles last Saturday. Her upper body is sublime but look at those legs - they came in full, shapely and not an ounce of fat on them! I'm particularly proud of them because we both worked our tail off to bring this area on par with the upper body and I think that together we totally nailed it! Results is equal to commitment, trust and plain hard work! Yay Shannon! As you can see I was wearing my "Competition Brown" T Shirt - you can go out anywhere and nobody notices all of the Dream Tan marks on it!

This week has not gone according to plan so far. My poor Miss G has been ill with vomiting and diarrhoea - which has meant putting my training plans on ice for the week. I am certainly finding Mike's program challenging as it is forcing me to think outside the square more and to get away from what I call "bodybuilding mentality" ie training a muscle just to get bigger - sure you can train all of your muscles to get bigger - but if it's not done in a functional progression you end up bigger with all sorts of imbalances which hinders training in the long term, meaning that you may achieve "results" in the interim but they won't be near as good as the results you get from taking a long term view of the situation.

So here I am plodding along, slowly getting better at what I'm doing!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tired and tanned!

Phew, another busy weekend with Shannon competing in the ANB Queensland Titles at the Tivoli.

It was another early start with my sister, who is a hair genius, doing Shannon's hair (and giving me a trim at the same time). We then headed off to the Tivoli for the Competitor's meeting which was a rather casual affair - then it was down to the business of applying Shannon's Dream Tan and helping her to "pump up", all the while promising her a jelly snake if she behaved herself!

She actually came in a little tighter and leaner than last weekend and we had the symmetry and muscularity rounds in the morning and the routine for the night show. We were able to get up close and cheer very loudly - it was great fun.

The evening show was a riot - I ended up helping out a few other competitors with their tanning and pumping (that sounds so funny written as is) - just loved the music that a lot of the other competitors were using for the routines and started making a few of my own up out the back. I'm sure Di and Jo are very relieved that I just do the training and conditioning for competitors, NOT the routines.

It was great to see Di and Tara (who looked considerably tighter this week too) at the show - the camraderie between all of us is what makes it all so much fun.

RPM this afternoon. I hope I don't fall asleep on the bike, I really do :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy days!

Whew, it doesn't feel like I've stopped after Saturday, but here's a brief run down of my activities.

On Monday I taught 4 classes and did Mike's upper body program - 2 RPM, 2 Bodystep - absolutely caned it. Naturally on Tuesday I didn't feel up to doing too much at all, so I took it easy and today I did RPM with John - it was so nice to sit back and concentrate on my own ride and I paid particular attention to using my hamstrings in my pedal stroke today. I dipped out on my weights though - I simply couldn't face the thought of doing deadlifts after RPM, so I have them on the schedule for tomorrow morning instead.

I think I am definitely improving with all of this glute and hamstring work - I haven't paid too much attention to my physical appearance lately, rather I have been focusing on really putting the effort in with my training and ensuring good nutrition. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today - I think I may have put on some size in the leg department -but if it means I can thrash my class that little bit harder in RPM then who am I to argue?

In other news, Miss Shannon and I are doing the ANB on Saturday. This is such an awesome fun show to watch and we are going to have a ball (as long as I keep drip feeding her those jelly snakes of course )

Monday, October 08, 2007

Stage pics one


Even had some time to flash those triceps~
This photo was taken just before Shannon went on stage - having a bit of fun pumping up and popping out those muscles. We were really well organized with everything and had time to take these photos.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

I have just come home from the INBA titles, exhausted, but happy! I am so proud of my client, Shannon, who won the Novice Figure Division in a tough line up of 14 girls. I am so proud of her for being consistent, training hard and listen to her coach ramble on. That she got a big fat trophy, well that's the icing on the cake really!

We took heaps of photos and as soon as I can get some sent to me, they are going up on the blog!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Tara, whose journey has been nothing short of incredible. That back shot of her on the blog does her no justice....and Tara's routine, put together by my beautiful friend Di Broeren was amazing. Actually all the routines Di put together were awesome and it was great to see all those red "Fabulous Figure" girls running around and having so much fun together.

Bring on 2008 I say :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am getting fat..ooops I meant "phat"

I've decided I'm going to go to Phat Camp next year in Melbourne! I'm looking forward to it already!

Have had a great day - DH has joined the gym so I decided to inflict a "Liz Style" workout upon him. I easily outperformed him in doing some push ups on toes. I am going to enjoy this whilst it lasts as I'm sure it's not going to last for very long. Once DH gets going, he'll be unstoppable!

We then had to run a few errands in town and had "Sumo Salad" for lunch - as far as takeaway food goes, this is the bomb - I had Moroccan Lamb Salad and a small capeseed roll - I was laughing to myself as the salad maker asked me if I'd like a bread roll - after a hard training session and feeling a little carb depleted? Come to mama!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

personality and the internet

I was reading LIVY's post about loneliness, social contact and the internet. I felt for her as I know only how awful I felt about living in Woop Woop - and Livy's personal "Woop Woop" is a lot more remote than mine was.

Some of you may laugh but underneath it all, I'm a rather introspective introvert (does that make sense). I love to hang out with like minded people, but on many days I liken myself to a crab - love a moment in the sun, but also enjoy scuttling back under my rock for a bit of solitude. I find the Internet a real haven for my INFJ (check out the Kiersey Temperament Sorter!) nature - I can interact with others in all sorts of deep and meaningful ways at my pace, my place.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that introverts don't like hanging out with others. I don't like hanging out with large groups of people I don't know. I am no party starter (OK, except in RPM), but with people who I know well and within small groups, I am passionate and intense!

To sum up, I think the friendships you can make online are really worth it. I've met so many great people in the Figure/bodybuilding area and have been lucky now to have met many in real life. That's why I'm contemplating Jen Hendershott's Phat Camp in Melbourne next year - a chance to get together and be passionate about what we're all interested in :)

Figure/Physique Preparation 2008

Just wanting to let anyone who has any interest in competing in 2008 and wants Figure or Physique preparation coaching that I have two spots available for potential competitors in the first half of the year. I cover all aspects of physical preparation for competition and have access to excellent posing/bikini resources here in Queensland. If you are interested, please contact me via the "Store Contact" form on my website.
In other news, today was all about RPM - poor John is unwell, so I taught RPM and the half hour technique class before it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Girl got it done...ka ching!

Today, training has gone to I taught RPM and did Mike's Program. Yay me :)

Not much else to report from my end of things - "figure fever" is going to be building and very strong by the end of the week though!