Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tired and tanned!

Phew, another busy weekend with Shannon competing in the ANB Queensland Titles at the Tivoli.

It was another early start with my sister, who is a hair genius, doing Shannon's hair (and giving me a trim at the same time). We then headed off to the Tivoli for the Competitor's meeting which was a rather casual affair - then it was down to the business of applying Shannon's Dream Tan and helping her to "pump up", all the while promising her a jelly snake if she behaved herself!

She actually came in a little tighter and leaner than last weekend and we had the symmetry and muscularity rounds in the morning and the routine for the night show. We were able to get up close and cheer very loudly - it was great fun.

The evening show was a riot - I ended up helping out a few other competitors with their tanning and pumping (that sounds so funny written as is) - just loved the music that a lot of the other competitors were using for the routines and started making a few of my own up out the back. I'm sure Di and Jo are very relieved that I just do the training and conditioning for competitors, NOT the routines.

It was great to see Di and Tara (who looked considerably tighter this week too) at the show - the camraderie between all of us is what makes it all so much fun.

RPM this afternoon. I hope I don't fall asleep on the bike, I really do :)


Kim said...

So Liz when are YOU competing again :o)

Tara's Journey said...

hiya liz, I have to agree with you, it is great to have such comradeship between us all. Makes it so much nicer hey!! Thanks again for your help too.

Good luck with RPM. I hope u don't fall asleep on the bike either. My darlings were awake at 5am this morning. which, considering we didn't get to bed till midnight, isn't very kind of them. Sleep would be lovely :o)