Thursday, October 18, 2007

I twang mai fu king glootes!

Had my second training session of the week - I started off with a 20 minute treadmill run - it feels like the longest time since I did this and then it was down and dirty with Mike's program, firstly using a foam roller to mobilize and stretch all my stiff bits (and there are a few of those), glute firing exercises and hip openers - yeah I was the crazy girl doing a "Walking Spiderman" up and down the gym. I got a few stares - I'm sure a few blokes thought I was going to spin a web and fly into the RPM room but it just didn't happen.

Instead I squared up in front of the mirror and did 5 x 5s of conventional deadlifts, finishing strong with my glutes. Then I gave my glutes the treatment with plate front squats - I did these side onto the mirror and as Mike predicted, my squat technique is so much better - here I am getting my butt lower than my knees, my shoulders lifted and the best part - my feet are solidly on the ground. Yeah Mike!

Then it was onto Single Leg RDLs - can I tell you how much I suck at these - had to use no weight in the end and focus, focus, focus on technique and not losing my balance. Jen Hendershott makes these look so easy in Oxygen Magazine....ugh!

Then onto lunges - on the third set, my tired glutes gave up on me and I felt a "twang" in my left glute - so I stopped, stretched, did my Woodchops and called it a day. I'm just about to get a heat pack to sit on. Ouch!

Shannon and I met up yesterday and we had Vietnamese - totally yum. We had a great time reliving our comp moments and having a good laugh and importantly coming up with a post comp nutrition game plan. She gave me a great box of Lindor chocolates and a gift voucher from Pure Indulgence (to treat the tan-hands: ) ) and I gave her the beginnings of where we are heading post comp. It is great to be able to take someone to a competition in great shape but it's even more important to get back on an even keel nutritionally afterwards and regain weight in a healthy way.

That's about it for me today - teaching CORE tomorrow at Toowong - I learnt last week that short shorts and BOSUs don't mix well - you have to watch out for "BOSU bum".

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