Monday, October 22, 2007

Balance, Brilliance and Finding Success

I have been reading an interesting post by Peta today all about the subject of "balance" and what it's concept could possibly mean - might "balance" be a concept invented by the winners to trick the losers into claiming a false sense of dignity?" Peta then dances around the topic of obsession - looking at an article by a sports psychologist named Jeff Bond which basically states that " focus and motivation aka mental attitude is 90% responsible for successful results", and suggests that Bond is saying is, "how do you become obsessive (especially when everyone tells you otherwise)?" I think Peta is trying to point out here that sometimes you need an obsessive streak to achieve your goals, fitness or otherwise - a good point IMHO, and yes, I think you do need to have some "fire in the belly" to get the job done.
I'm leaving out the details of the rest of the post which you can check out by clicking on "Peta's" name on my side bar to check out the rest of it. I like Peta's posts, she is a real thinker and challenges the status quo.
But back to me..
I think the concept of "balance" doesn't have to be banal, neither does it need to be boring. Rather I think in some ways it could be called perspective. I don't believe you have to shackle creativity, passion, achievement or most importantly inspiration to achieve "balance". Balance/perspective is different for everyone. If your passion, calling or goals is blighting you physically, spiritually and mentally, it may be time to have another look. Passion, brilliance and heady madness can coexist with peace.
If your passion makes you thrive and dance the dizzying heights and is energy giving - chances are that you're also balanced. If what you're doing sucks the life and energy out of you and possesses you like the Ring did to Gollum, then you're out of whack. You could call it positively or negatively "obsessed". Wow, I think I may have just gone around in a massive circle. I need to work more on my writing skills I can see.
Today I have had Miss S sick and vomiting. Luckily my parents were able to watch her whilst I taught RPM this morning. I am guessing that tomorrow won't be much better either. Time to break open Cathe's 4 day split - arrived today.


RaeC said...

Whew... kind of sort of caught up on your blog. How freakin' awesome did Shannon look??? You and her made an awesome team and I love the package she brought to the stage!! You guys should be very proud of yourselves.

I hope your glutes still aren't twanging too much and that Miss S feels better soon xxx

little rene said...

Great post Liz.

Balance is a really personal perspective. I have found in the past when I have been feeling really fit and healthy and being very sensible with my diet (as apposed to starving etc)I have had friends say to me "You need to find a balance".

This has upset me because when I am fit I am at my happiest and I am living life to the fullest, so obviously their idea of "balance" doesn't work for me.

Thanks for giving me something to reflect upon, I need distractions at the moment :)

Batty F said...

Thanks for following up on my post Liz. I love hearing the different points of view that emerge from this blogging community too. It can really get the heart pumping - almost as much as one of your RPM classes, i imagine :-)

It's a great topic, balance. It's so interesting how it means different things to different people, and bringing that to light i think is helpful in general, regardless of perspective.


Sam D-M said...

Liz, I think your writing skills are great! No work needed their :-)

Hoping that Miss S gets better soon!