Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've been on an asparagus bender!

I love this time of year when asparagus is in season. I chomped through two bunches today. I just steam it for a minute or so, then dunk it into icy water and it makes an awesome snack. I don't know what my work mates thought today as I did a pharmacy locum for the first time in months but they all commented on how much food I could put away. As well as all of the asparagus I had put together an absolutely gi-normous turkey salad for lunch and I munched on a Slim Secrets bar, smoked salmon and a small banana. Yum :)

However, I am not always perfect when it comes to eating and as Rick Kausmann writes in his fantastic book, "If Not Dieting, Then What?", everyone will overeat at one stage or another due to a multitude of different factors. Last night, it was all about the food. A dear friend of mine from Fitness First (who is Indian) made me a curry - a beautiful lamb biriyani with exquisite saffron rice and vegetables and nuts. DH and I fell on it like we had been deprived of food most of our lives and it was "game on" to see who could scrape out the casserole dish first! It felt good going down, but I definitely felt uncomfortable about 20 minutes later. It was just another thing to chalk up to experience - watch out for the orgasmic rice I say !

I managed to get in a third strength training session for the week - I am extremely proud of myself - upped the weights for all exercises, quite the thrill really and I am sitting here with DOMS from head to toe.

Definitely looking forward to some R and R tomorrow - slopping round the house and reading the paper.


combatgirl said...

R & R heading my way also tomorrow Liz. Paper, sitting on my backside and maybe transfer my butt to the sauna (if I am lucky enough).

Enjoy your day. xx

Lia Halsall said...

Now I know what it is, thanks Liz. :o)

Lia Halsall said...

Liz can you do a post for me all about Precision Nutrition. I'm interested to hear more about it if you don't mind please. :o)

Ali said...

Oww I love asparagus as well, never get sick off them, and yes they are a good price at the moment, Actually curry is good as well :)

Hope you had a good weekend,

Ali xxx

Hilary said...

Mmmm I love asparagus too - I love it raw, broken up into pieces in a salad, yum.

Sounds like you enjoyed your curry!

Hilary xx