Wednesday, October 24, 2007

quick catch up

Busy times as per usual! Let's see, yesterday Miss S was unwell and my dearest hubs came home early so I could go and train - I trained lower body and did some cracking "acceleration" work on the bike. Ouch! Unfortunately I slept weirdly on my shoulder last night and my neck/shoulder area is giving me trouble now. Not good when you do a lot of computer work~ it will be the wheat pack treatment and gentle mobs. tonight and physio if no better in the am.

This morning I taught Bodystep (did 5 Tracks from Bodystep 47!) and did upper body. My shoulder was not bothering me at the time. Then Shannon and I met for our own little photo shoot. Our first choice of course was Jadey, but she has been super busy - so I assumed the role of photographer and took 100 shots of Shannon - now I will have a pic of her for everyday of my blog - but she looked fantastic and well, she's worth it :). We put on some great music (think "Fergalicious"!) and got down and had a bit of a groove.

I'm still on an asparagus bender. I knocked off two bunches today - one with lunch and one as a snack with some of my Thai Chicken Rissoles - who said eating well had to mean eating bland, boring food? I obviously need an intervention!

The other thing I meant to mention is that Cathe's new DVD arrived. I immediately did the kickbox/Bootcamp workout - 53 minutes of sheer heart pumping madness. Woohoo!

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Splice said...

Poor Miss S, I hope she gets better soon.

Can't wait to see the pictures of Shannon, you now how much we love pictures here in blog world lol.

Take care of your shoulder.