Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy days!

Whew, it doesn't feel like I've stopped after Saturday, but here's a brief run down of my activities.

On Monday I taught 4 classes and did Mike's upper body program - 2 RPM, 2 Bodystep - absolutely caned it. Naturally on Tuesday I didn't feel up to doing too much at all, so I took it easy and today I did RPM with John - it was so nice to sit back and concentrate on my own ride and I paid particular attention to using my hamstrings in my pedal stroke today. I dipped out on my weights though - I simply couldn't face the thought of doing deadlifts after RPM, so I have them on the schedule for tomorrow morning instead.

I think I am definitely improving with all of this glute and hamstring work - I haven't paid too much attention to my physical appearance lately, rather I have been focusing on really putting the effort in with my training and ensuring good nutrition. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today - I think I may have put on some size in the leg department -but if it means I can thrash my class that little bit harder in RPM then who am I to argue?

In other news, Miss Shannon and I are doing the ANB on Saturday. This is such an awesome fun show to watch and we are going to have a ball (as long as I keep drip feeding her those jelly snakes of course )


Lisa said...

Hey Liz,

Is the ANB comp at the Tivoli? I might come and watch.


Tara's Journey said...

Hiya Liz, are u putting Shannon in Novice again? See you both on Sat Liz :o)


RaeC said...

That's fantastic news about your girls and they looked SENSATIONAL!! But then I always knew they would with you in charge!!

I laughed so much when I read about you not paying attention to your physical appearance lately... I scare myself when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror!! Slowly but surely I am sorting myself out though for the comp coming up. Even painted my toenails the other day... WHOEEE!!

Have a great night gorgeous!! xxx

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be happy unles you were busy, I mean what would you do with yourself Liz? LOL!! ;o) xx