Monday, July 31, 2006

In and out!

This morning's training session was very focused and as Coach Tom from LL would say, I didn't "putz" around.

Got in my morning walk (brrr!) and dialled up the intensity of my cardio session this morning - split it up - did 20 mins to start with, my weights and then followed it up with another 10 minutes at the end by which time my hamstrings were screaming.

RT - back, hamstrings, triceps

Chin ups - 4 sets, varying grips x 6-8
Hyperextensions 3 x12
Lat Pull down to front med grip: 4 x12
Dumbell deadlifts with varied foot placement 4 x12

Then One arm row - 4 x10
Glute bridge on BOSU 3 sets of 2 x 15sec holds
Tricep dips 9, 8, 7, 6 - straight legs
Leg Curl 4 x 15
Tricep pushdown - descending drop sets 3 x 12
That took all of 40 minutes. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you get really focused.

I've got a huge pot of soup on the go right now and have dinner already prepped. Three personal training clients this afternoon and the finale of Desperate Housewives to look forward to.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Prep work!

After reading Miss Lia's post on prepping food I have been inspired to cook up some sweet potato for the week ahead. I also have some chicken breasts waiting to be sliced and diced. I usually freeze my starchy carb portions and add them to salads as required or defrost and have them after particularly hard cardio sessions.

I've spent the weekend cleaning and we went to Gladstone where I bought 2kg Tassie Salmon (guess what is for dinner tonight), barramundi and red emperor fillets as well as some of my favourite Kikkoman marinades - I usually go for the thinner, lower sugar versions and I'm looking forward to trying a Roasted Garlic Marinade with my chicken this week.

DH and I were talking about how society has lost the art of cooking and I reckon there is a plethora of great healthy food out there to enjoy and cook in many different ways.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Personal Training Gone Mad!

Whew, I cannot believe the demand for personal training here - another client on the roster now and because I am totally booked out next week, I get to meet her the week after! No wonder I have been sleeping so well at night! I think it is more a case of "being in the right place at the right time" more than anything else - I certainly haven't been seeking out people to train but the clients I have had so far have been enjoyable to work with, so it's really no drama to do this.

Training today: walk moderate; teach Step class - then I committed to a 15 minute shoulder workout afterwards, even though all I wanted to do was come home. I also worked on the first half of my routine. It's pretty ordinary so far( the whole posing and routine thing being my biggest hurdle to overcome), but I think I have improved a little bit, so I will keep going :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

10.5 weeks to go

Here I am in all of my white pasty glory! Aaaaaccccckkkk! Think I'm improving! Just keep swimming, swimming as Dory would say. Can't you tell I watch too many kid's movies :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Suits me fine

Suits me fine to require a little bit more of myself today, to put myself into "athlete" mode, to push the boundaries in the gym and to take care of my body with top quality meals. I slept really well last night and even slept in this morning - think I needed it! I've been getting a bit bent out of shape about losing the body fat and I need to remind myself not to try and reinvent the wheel - just one day at a time and to change up one thing at a time to keep things going.

Today I focused on my cardio at the gym - ran a little longer and pushed it a little harder and it felt really good. Sometimes we are limited by what we think we can achieve when in reality that is not the case at all. Then I did my weights - back and triceps today. I've had a pleasant walk outside as well and enjoyed the sunshine. PT this afternoon.

Run -40 minutes - "pure" intervals - 3 sets of 5 increasing pace and intensity for each set.
Chin ups - 4 x 8
Lat pull down - wide grip - 4 x12
Seated row narrow - 4 x 12
Hyperextensions 3 x 12 (with glute focus)
Dips (bodyweight) 2 x8, 2 x 6
Decline Close Grip Bench Press: 4 x 12
Tricep bench dips to failure - 3 sets to failure

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

warm wishes

I could do with a bit of surfing right now. That is one of my goals in the future - to learn how to surf - looks like a lot of fun. However in Woop Woop, surfing is unfortunately on the back burner.

Training today:
Walk; teach cycle class; RT - shoulders, legs
Military press 4 x 15 (can you say ouch to all those reps?)
Upright row 4 x15
Straight up lateral raise 4 x15
Diamond lateral raise 2 x 15
Shoulder Scoops 2 x 15

Traditional legs
Leg Extension 3 x15
Leg Curl 3 x15

Having one of those "get me outta here days". I am missing home in a big way today - just thinking of going back to Fitness First gives me pangs. Must get over this and keep looking forward and try to make every minute count anyway. Looking forward to making Rae's chicken (reloaded - I vary my ingredients sometimes) and getting a good night's sleep.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Knowing then what you know now...

Aarrgh, found out today why I have been such a crab-pot - attack of TOM - to think I must have been PMSing all of last week and I missed it :) No wonder I have been feeling so bloated and generally psycho (now all I need to do is find an appropriate pic to match the mood!). Hopefully I will be rewarded by a nice post TOM weight/fat whoosh :)

Got up early and went for my walk under the stars - I have to be up at 5am if I am to fit this in and I find it a great time to meditate and focus on my goals. Then it was off to the freezer box for a nice hard run and some bicep/chest training. I've decided to throw in some volume work and I was dying after my 4 sets of 15 reps on the bench press. Once I hit the incline I was laughing at the fact that I was working so hard I had eventually stripped the weights off the bar until the bar was all that was left. Whoever said that small weights weren't effective...hee hee.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Sometimes getting angry can spur you on to put in that little bit extra which is what I have been doing for the past few days. I've managed now to turn the bloat around and am aiming for a 1/2 pound (or 0.25kg) loss this week and should be able to get things back on track with a bit more paddling.

Yesterday's training:
25 min race marathon pace (5:15 min k's)
60 mins moderate walk
Back/Triceps/Leg Conditioning:
Narrow grip pulldowns
Chair squats on BOSU
Barbell Pullovers
Defensive Squats on BOSU
One arm DB rows
Plyo lunges
Close grip bench press on decline
Tricep pushdown

Todays training:

45 min moderate walk
Rest day - Enjoyed a Sunday morning croissant as my weekly splurge ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Where's "Mr Angry Eyes" when you need him?

I am having a bit of a "pissy" day it seems. It all started by my "let's cause a ruckus once a year" thread on another fitness forum in the USA where I suggested that many (but not all) people who remain overweight suffer from a lack of discipline and dare I say it, a lack of character. I get like this when I do a lot of personal training, when I hear all the "yeah, buts" and "can't" instead of "won't" - I feel I know what I am talking about here because I used to be that person. Anyway, got flamed into oblivion by some obese person that said I wasn't being very supportive of the overweight members of the community and that I was a self serving, righteous litte b**tch. Sheesh, I was talking bluntly but I wasn't being personal. I just have to remember that this is the Internet and not to take it personally.
I'm just amazed at how angry I started to feel - I'm usually pretty even tempered, so has been weird to say the least.

Coupled with that I am having a severe case of what I call "Fat Bloated Cow" Syndrome - I have gained 1.5kg and my rings are tight and I am visibly bloated. I'm drinking plenty of water and keeping a close eye on things - I am fearful now that I will not come in lean enough in time as I am a bit heavier than I was at this stage of the game with the last comp. Which means nudging the intake down a bit. This is tough! However, I remind myself that this is temporary and the discomfort I am feeling now will be nothing compared to the embarrassment I will feel at being fluffy on stage.

Training today:
80 min moderate walk
teach aerobics class (didn't really get the old HR up enough to call this a workout..damn)
train shoulders
posing practice (sucked again - keep practising)

Feel better now I've had my little rant.

Onward and upward!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Congratulations Jelena - new IBFF pro

Today's pic is of Jelena Abbou ( ) - who has just won her IFBB Pro Card in the USA. I 'met' Jelena on another board and Jelena is another one of Bern's sponsored athletes. Jelena has the best symmetry I have ever seen, so go and check out her web site!.

Another mad day of training done - back and triceps.

Chin Ups 4x8 (narrow)
Leg Curls 4 x20
Lat Pulldown to front (wide) 4 x 6-8
One legged hamstring stretch 4 x 5
Seated Row (narrow) 4 x8
High Pull 3 x10
Tricep dips (with weight 3kg) 4x 4-6
Incline Tricep Extension 3 x10

Run easy 20 mins.

There..that's done and dusted for the day. Now to get back to the rest of my life ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Motoring along

Pleased to say that despite having the blahs upstairs I nailed a pretty good day in relation to both eating and workout. You just have to switch off the emotional side and keep moving forwards and deal with the feelings - positive and negative - as they happen.

Workout today:
Incline Chest Press - 4x 6 (to failure)
High Step Defensive Squats - 3x 30sec
Pec Dec - 4 x10/8/8/8
Chair squats on BOSU - 3 x20
Plyo Squats off High Step 3 x 30secs (I wanted to puke in a bucket at this point)
BOSU push ups with feet on med ball and varied placement - 4 x 12
BOSU plyo 180s as many as I could muster 4 sets
Push press standing 4 x 6
Obliques on BOSU with med ball
Side Lateral Raise with medial delt focus - 4 x6-8
Upright row - 3 x 8 (heavy)

Eating - decided to open the vegetable heavens and knocked off 400g of Asian greens with my chicken today for lunch. At least I know that folic acid deficiency is not in my radar today.

Signed up another personal training client...that is four this week!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Changing gears

Today ended up being an unplanned rest day - slept in and really felt like I needed a day off, which I took. I ended up attacking mountains of washing and ironing as well as training 3 new clients today. It looks like I may have a Sportsmodel to enter into the comp in October! Early days though and I need to find out more about what is involved in the Sportsmodel side of things so I can tweak the training in the right direction. She is such an attractive girl!

What else - having a bit of a mental battle with the prep side of things today - if I was back at home, things would be a cinch, but mentally without that daily contact it is hard to press on - but I am not giving in!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jam packed!

After my three days "mini break", I have come back to a jam packed week.

I have a long list of training to-do's as well as personal to-do's. I am shooting for 4 solid sessions of RT plus leg training drills as well as more posing practice and a routine run through. I check back with David (Leanness Lifestyle Coach) on the nutritional side of things on Friday and I really want to ensure that the news from my side of the hemisphere (he is in the USA) is all good.

On the personal side I have school sports day to contend with as well as paying a whole stack of bills and getting my tax returns in. Fun, fun, fun! I've also got some Ebay listings to put on as well.

I am totally inspired by all of those beautiful ladies who competed at the All Female Classic. I loved the fact that my first comp was all female and hope that the event continues to grow and grow! Congratulations to Rae, Sam, Katie, Jadey and last, but not least Kimmy - I am so inspired by you Kimmy as what a journey you have made to get up there on stage for your first comp, at 50, no less! Just wow!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Above and beyond

Sometimes you have to go "above and beyond" to achieve your fitness related goals - that is what I tell my clients anyway - that to reach that better place requires moving out of your comfort zone. The immediate discomfort of change is small compared with the long term benefits.

I often have to tell myself this too! Last night I went to bed with my stomach grumbling, but have moved through it and am fine today. Plus I am happy knowing that I elicited the small drop that I wanted. Today is usually the day I have a splurge meal, but I am going to shift it to Saturday as we are going away for three days to the beach! Fish and chips, here I come! I am really going to put it in tomorrow with my training and then look forward to two full days off which come at a good time for me - workload has been heavy this week!

Training today:
Walk moderate 60 mins; teach Cycling Class 45 min; leg conditioning drills/ab work
Behind neck press 3x10
Lat raise straight arm 3 x9
Upright Row with dumbbells
Relaxed pose
Side Chest pose
Side Tricep pose
Brought my shoes in and worked on posing. Today I sucked! But I'll get better!

Off to prep some meals for our weekend away. A figure girl has gotta eat happy ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fired up!

Today training consisted of a 30 minute run and chest and biceps training.

Bench Press: 45kg 4 x6

Incline Bench Press: 4 x8

Decline Flyes: 3 x10

Standing barbell curl 22kg 4 x8

Hammer Curls: 3x8

Posing practice: front double biceps, relaxed poses, ab and thigh.

Eating has been clean and I have been loading up on the vegetables in a big way. I'm 0.2kg down this week and am anticipating another drop in a day or so. I often get smaller preceding my drops and I know this one is coming as a friendly stomach vein popped out (haven't seen that for awhile! I must have been dreaming of Lia's abs) when I was training biceps.

On another note, my personal training has unexpectedly taken off. I'm now up to six clients without any advertising which is great extra cash. My first client has lost 5kg in the last six weeks is doing really well on all counts - I'm so proud of her! Tomorrow I see a new client and my sportsmodel. Busy, busy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Training today: Spinervals Ultraconditioning DVD 70mins; teach cycling class 45mins

Back and Triceps:

Wide Grip Pulldown to Front: 4 x 6
SLDLs 3 x 6
Pullovers: 4x 8
Dumbbell Rows - PB 20kg 4 x6
Tricep Dips (full) 4 x 8 (+2kg)
Incline Tri Press 3x 10
Bench Dips to failure

Posing - relaxed pose, side chest/side tricep
Routine- first 20secs - pretty rough, but I'm getting the idea ;)

Busy, busy day - still going on the washing and tomorrow is officially admin day in our household.

Feeling very pleased with my increases in strength and combined with my little carb blowout on Sunday, I really kicked butt in the gym today - muscles were looking nice and full today, hee hee. Felt good on the bike as well - yes, I'm a sucker for a good cardio workout, which really helps me in my quest to get leaner - I know everyone is different, but I feel I hold much better condition when I do regular cardio.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back into it

Finally back home and after a day where I wasn't exactly pleased with my eating, I'm looking forward to getting back into the Woop Woop groove. I've mapped out my eating for tomorrow and all that is left is to have a look at my training diary and focus on getting that done as well. I got in a 70 minute walk this morning and didn't formally train today - I got my exercise doing all of hubby's laundry which had built up whilst I'd been away...what fun!

I have been scrubbing the house top to bottom and have had a go with the mincer I purchased whilst I was on hols - Rae's chicken tastes much better now that I know I am eating chicken breast, not hoof or skin or whatever else Woollies puts in their pre packaged chicken mince!

Spinervals early tomorrow morning and looks like some tricep work is going to be featured too.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I am so lucky!

Today I am feeling so lucky and so grateful that I am so fit. A few years ago when I had Miss Georgia, I had post surgical complications and severe sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I was told that I would never run again and to look forward to a "sedentary life". I was also told the only way to fix the mass of jelly that were my abs was by surgery.

Here I am three years later doing plyometrics and running everywhere! Today I also lifted another chest PB - 17.5kg incline dumbbell press 4 x6 reps! I also gave my RPM class a good thrashing last night. I can compete in a Figure Comp, I am truly blessed!

Training today:
30 min brisk incline walk

Incline dumbbell chest press 4 x6 (PB)
Pec deck 4x 8 (PB)
BOSU push ups with hand placement variation and feet on medicine ball
Plyo lunges
Defensive BOSU squats
180 degree BOSU plyo squats

I'm toast :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Routine done!

Saw Jo again today and finished my routine. It is much simpler than the last one and I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this one!

Training today: brisk walk 30mins; teach RPM Indro; "let's trash legs!" training - yes, a proper leg training session with weights, my first in months! and posing/choreo with Jo. I am exhausted but pleased with my accomplishments!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Today's training:

Elliptical 25mins; run easy 10 mins

Back and Triceps:
Pronated grip chin ups 4 x8
Hyperextensions: 3 x12
Narrow grip pull down: 4 x 6
Bent over bar bell row : 4 x 8
Bent leg deadlifts: 3x 10
Overhead tri extension (pulley) 3 x8
Med ball push ups: 3 x8

Good session today. I've also nudged off a little weight today which is a good thing. I am definitely feeling leaner!

Training today

Today's training:

Elliptical 25mins; run easy 10 mins

Back and Triceps:
Pronated grip chin ups 4 x8
Hyperextensions: 3 x12
Narrow grip pull down: 4 x 6
Bent over bar bell row : 4 x 8
Bent leg deadlifts: 3x 10
Overhead tri extension (pulley) 3 x8
Med ball push ups: 3 x8

Good session today. I've also nudged off a little weight today which is a good thing. I am definitely feeling leaner!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Week 14 to Week 13

A quick post to update my week - managed to get in a good whack of training, despite my heavy cold and am experiencing some DOMS in my glutes and back - just what I need.

As I am still on holidays and enjoying my mother's cooking, I am concentrating on eating well most of the time and not worrying too much about trying to lose. I maintained last week and if I shave off half a pound or hold this week, I won't be too concerned. It's been a wonderful experience having these terrific gains in strength, plus I am still relatively lean, so cruising is the way to go.

I am planning on hitting those weights hard and teaching a few good RPM classes! Meeting with Jo again on Wednesday to put the rest of routine together and then I am good to go.