Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy busy and the "off season" look

Here's a great pic of Alicia who is almost at the peak of her "off season" training. I'm particularly proud of Miss Alicia because she has totally turned her whole training and eating regime around in the past few months ... and as you can see from the pic, she is living lean and loving life as well as putting on a good whack of muscle - this is evident by the fact that she can do many many unassisted pull ups! Doesn't she look awesome?

I managed to put in a fairly decent week training wise and was absolutely thrilled to hit a PB on my dumbell press yesterday. I gave the girls a good thrashing in RPM yesterday.

Today, though, the traffic was so bad that I missed half of my class, my fantastic GFC stepped in and taught the first half - though my legs certainly weren't happy about starting at Track 5.

It will be a busy week with 6 classes to teach and 4 strength training sessions to complete. I am now looking for more progression from Mike which will be interesting. But first it is off to prep for Bodystep tomorrow at Toowong.


little rene said...

Alicia does look fantastic! She looks a picture of health and fitness.

Obviously you two make a pretty good team :)

Splice said...

I totally agree Liz :-) Alicia look's great! Lean, and I can see gains, no wonder she's on a high about her progress, I can see why :-)

Magda said...

Nice pic!! Looking good Alicia and great work Liz.