Friday, January 15, 2010

Results Not Typical

Chelle tagged me a few days back about what a day in my life looked like. To be honest I was trying to string together a set of days that was similar but no can do, every day is completely different for me.

I thought I would just share what's happened in my life today - "results not typical".

7am: Rise after unexpected sleep in - no classes to teach this morning.
7.15am: Make cup of tea (today it was Perth Breakfast from T2) and sit down to bowl of oats, protein powder and dash of milk - oats are back on the menu after a hiatus. Chat to hubs over breakfast (girls are still asleep). I tell him that last night I dreamt that we had a lot of kittehs in the house that we trying to get out, despite my best efforts in keeping them inside the house - I think the "Bendable Learnings" term for this phenomena is ...... "it was like herding cats".

7.30am -8.30am: Dress and get ready to teach RPM. Revise choreo notes and additional notes I have made about the mix that I'm teaching this morning. Am being filmed for assessment by Maka, our Senior RPM mentor at Fitness First so I've spent the better part of the week going through the education sessions, the choreography etc. Girls meanwhile get up and get dressed and I organize breakfast for them

8.45am - drop girls at my parent's home to have a play with their cousin whilst I teach RPM.
9.00am- get to RPM feeling rather nauseous at the thought of being filmed and assessed, could I possibly have a quick hurl in the ladies beforehand and would I feel any better for it? Decide against it - I remember one of my PT clients who used to tell me no matter how hard I pushed her that "she didn't do vomiting". I decided to follow suit.
9.15am - class participants start rolling in and I meet Maka, who sets up the videocamera and gives me a few tips and tells me how he does the assessment. Maka is a top bloke who would do anything to put your mind at ease - which made the whole assessment procedure a much better experience - he is encouraging and insightful and even though I'm feeling nervous, I'm so glad that he's there.
9.30am - Start the class and try to stay focused on the "Five Key Elements" that we use when we are teaching classes. I have a pretty busy class, they're a really great bunch of participants, which helps as well.
10.15am or so - class ends and I bid all the participants farewell and Maka stays back with me and gives me a brief assessment of the class and a few pointers (he's going to do a more thorough analysis and put my class onto DVD for me to watch and learn from). We were going to have lunch or morning tea but we both had children duties so we'll meet up again in a few weeks.
11am - have a bite of morning tea -after killing myself in RPM, a few good carbs are on the menu and I "digest"what Maka had to say. As you get better and better, there is much more expectation about what you should deliver and I got some really good ideas out of the feedback.
11.30am - do one of my biweekly fruit and veggie shops, try to decide what we're having for dinner( didn't get round to my menu this week) and head to parent's place.
12.30 - share lunch with my Mum - big salad, some lean ham and 2 nectarines to finish up - have a good chat.
3pm - take girls home answer emails and get ready to go to the pool.
4pm - take girls swimming (perfect opportunity to have a Diet Coke and kick back with Alan Aragon's Research Review.
6pm - prepare dinner (steak, steamed veggies, with yoghurt as a bedtime snack)
7pm - have dinner with the family and usually watch a DVD with them or play some games
8pm - computer time
9pm - watch movie or TV show with hubby next week - Aussie Open!
10pm - lights out!

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