Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Here Puss Puss!

That was Shelley calling me out on my leg training! We spent the day sorting out our assorted treasures to put onto Ebay, chattering away about the pussy weights I lifted and the heavy shit she smashed. It was all going to plan when she suddenly turned to me and said "are your legs sore?" I told her that I was too scared to tell her that my pussy weights had inflicted nasty DOMS and that I'm walking around like I've got a pole wedged when it 'don't belong' (thanks Nicole).

This morning's training effort went well - more hip flexor work and shoulder rehab which took about 20 minutes to get through and then I did some girly push ups pain free as well as pussy weighted cable rows using the Paramount machine and some medium grip lat pull downs. I also did a 26 (yes I counted!) minute set of undulating X trainer intervals (that sounds pretty techo).

As for the pussy above, it's of my favourite breed, the Burmese. It is an open secret that I would like to again have a couple of kitties in my life but unfortunately hubs hates cats. No win situation there.

I have just read Kerry's post about her hip (sorry to hear about the inflammation ) and it reminded me of just how frustrating injuries can be. I think that my own rehab experiences have taught me that it's a real journey - ie do things, but progress slowly without too much agenda and in an obtuse way given me the confidence that I can conquer whatever comes my way (to a point). Which is why I haven't blogged about specific goals, figuring that it's more prudent (after last year's disaster where I achieved nothing) for me to be vague about things. That way I'm not down on myself for not achieving something I wanted to do yet everything that I can do is an added bonus!

Generally I believe goal setting is a good idea and can give you a template to achieve things in a set order. However, it's not just about the end point, it's the journey in between. Some of my goals have been interrupted by random occurrences where I have veered off on a tangent and it's often been some of the best life experiences I've ever had.

No matter how tightly, factually and precisely we want to do something eg achieve a goal (Left Brain thinking), there will be some point where things will happen in a rather nebulous way that is the Universe's or God's way of telling you "it was meant to happen" - right brain thinking at it's best. I think when this happens, it's not necessarily a poor reflection of your character, there's often more to the story.

I wonder if true success is all about accepting the balance that is right for you?


KatieP said...

The answer to your final question is "YES"
love you heaps

ss2306 said...


Meow. Here Kitty Kitty.

I now can't lift my arms above my head - ouch!! I'll let you call me a sook (lol)

Rachel said...

Balance - it is truly subjective so I think when things are balanced for you, knowing what most us juggle at once these days, that is success!!

Dianna Broeren said...

Hey Liz...just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy new year. I hope 2010 is a fabulous one for you and I get to see you at some stage!

Kerry W said...

Hmmm...yes...the balance that is right for you. :)

For me personally, regardless of the frustration with injuries, I like to have a plan, and making it public makes me more accountable, and allows less room for excuses. That's just where I'm at, at this point in time. Setbacks allow you to become a bit more creative and I'm getting better at handling them and going with the flow. Must be old(er)age hey (and maybe I'm getting wiser)?