Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ye Olde Blogge Ramble

I've been quiet on the blog front of late, because I've been thinking. Plus I have discovered that when I take on several things I do them, but not very well! In fact, I barely keep my head above water! I've been quietly discarding the superfluous from my life, mostly physical stuff as we prepare to move and realizing that at the end of the day, we don't need much to be truly happy.

To do something really well, one needs to prioritize. This is why Olympic athletes live their whole lives around their training - it's impossible to achieve that standard with everything else humming away in the background. It's what makes Figure Competitions so appealing to many - it's what got me competing in the first place - 20 weeks to focus on me, me, me!

I've been searching for that priority in my fitness life lately. I make a start, and feel like I get waylaid by injuries, class fills, and other minutiae I'd rather do without. Last Friday I blogged about my RPM Assessment with Maka which was an incredible learning experience - was a bit overwhelmed with the feedback but was able to take some of it into my class today and it really rocked - felt so strong, so powerful on the bike and alive! I really put the intensity on and toughed it out, even though there were some points where I just wanted to fade badly.

Inspired by this, I've signed up for an Advanced Instructor Module for RPM with Les Mills in February, exactly one month away. My goal and my intention is to really nail this module both with fitness and my presentation. Soooooo, I'm putting my first goal out there for the year. The module is locked in and I'd be doing myself a great disservice by turning up as less than the best version of myself. A month isn't too long to focus, the kids are going back to school and I'm not doing any pharmacy work. Me, me, me and RPM sounds rather nice! The aim of this being to have another crack at LMA auditions in May. I feel funny writing about this - I've had thoughts of "what if I don't succeed and I've got to blog about it again?" It's the same feeling I had when I came dead last in Figure Intermediate all those years ago - but I look back on that comp with pride - I did the best I could and arrived in the best condition I've achieved. So, if I don't make it, I'm going to look at it as a wonderful learning experience and I can only become a better coach and teacher for making the effort.

The plan involves doing what I can in the gym - mostly at this stage, very specific strength work and Pilates, indoor and outdoor cycling.

Nutrition wise, I do best on a good balance of foods - deprivation is not a term that I care to have in my vocabulary. Self care by honouring myself with the best nutrition that works for me is what I do best.

Katie has written a couple of thought provoking posts in the last few days. The one I've linked to, I could have written word for word. When I moved to the middle of nowhere and knew nobody, I felt exactly the same. Even though I'm a tried and true introvert, the importance of connection cannot be underestimated. That is how I got into blogging and found "my tribe" - all the other girls around competing in Figure in 2006.

The last six months or so has seen an evolution of the tribe I want to hang out with in the blogosphere. I've retained some excellent internet and real life friendships and others in my tribe have moved away from my circle as our lives and interests have diverged. This has puzzled me and saddened me at times, but I think there is an element of "nature" in it. I have evolved as well and cannot expect that the same people who thought I was cool back then to may be think I'm crash hot now I've had four years or so blogging about my neuroses. Though I must also say, I've met some pretty cool bloggers in the past few months whose blogs I love to read and comment on (waving!).

I too, feel happiest when I have a deep sense of connection with people too - Katie is an example of someone who I started with in a completely different context to where we are now. Same with many of my others like Shelley, Shan, Kerryn , Nicole and Kirst (if I've left anyone out, it's because I'll run out of room mentioning how fantastic you all are). True friendships grow - and embrace changes.

Meanwhile, I have still got one foot strongly leveraged in the Figure camp with girls who are prepping for various shows during the year. We're even going Fitness for the All Females in July - different training focus - just love the challenge of bringing in a smashing hot body that is going to spin some fantastic moves as well as look sensational - can't wait. All the other girls are doing really well, training hard and not turning into carb depleted lunatics. I'm so proud of 'em!


Nicole said...

Here, here. You rock Liz. And when I see you next you'll have to tell me what the RPM feedback is cause the time that I did your class - I've never worked so bloody hard and felt so motivated!! But good on you for setting your first mini goal - very exciting :) Nicole xx

Dianna Broeren said...

One of these days I am going to have to come down and do one of your RPM classes. I just can't bring myself to do them at my gym because the instructors and the equipment is, let's say, not the highest quality!

Funny what you say about the blogger tribe! I have been clearly ostracised by people who I (thought) I had a good rapport with as a result of their "alignments". Funny when my positive comments don't get published in some blogs/websites! The dynamics of the internet are quite amazing really!

Never cease to be yourself Liz! I think you are pretty cool :)

Lisa said...

Hey Liz, this prompts me to schedule a long over due catch up. I am away this weekend, but thinking I might come by for your Sat RPM class, and we can have a post work out treat after. Maybe Sat 30th Jan?

Shaboom said...

Hey Liz!!!

I'm so glad that you got involved in the figure world and starting blogging, otherwise I would never have got to meet you or even starting competing!!! I'm really happy to have you as a good friend, and you are SOOOO right .... true friendships roll with the changes and accept you for whoever you are and are always there no matter how much time passes. I love your goals for RPM, I'll be following you all the way!! Looking forward to finally catching up with you today. xx Shannon

LizN said...

Hey Nicole, Shan, Lisa and Di,

Thanks for the comments - have to agree with you Di, blog world can be a bit weird, but have to focus on the real positives - some great friends have been made.

Thanks for the well wishes in RPM, with 5 pages of feedback, I'm going to need them!

LizN said...

Hey Nicole, Shan, Lisa and Di,

Thanks for the comments - have to agree with you Di, blog world can be a bit weird, but have to focus on the real positives - some great friends have been made.

Thanks for the well wishes in RPM, with 5 pages of feedback, I'm going to need them!