Monday, January 11, 2010

Going through a Right Brained Crisis

Katie posted a really interesting test to see whether you predominantly use your left or right side of your brain. I'm predominantly a right brain user - when extremely stressed fall into both patterns.

I'm writing this blog because I want to ask you all a question. Do you believe that things happen for a reason? That some events aren't really an accident or a coincidence?

I strongly believe that this is the case. Today the air around me seems to have been filled with the realms of possibility - events have happened today that aren't really what I thought was part of my plan. However, maybe they are - I just haven't realized it. I'm not trying to be mysterious or anything, I'm talking about things that can occur in everyday living.

For example, I left my keys in the local health food shop by mistake when I was doing an RPM fill one evening last week. The shop usually closes at 5pm. I taught class, showered and then realized I didn't have my keys with me. I thought that I would have to call the Centre Management, then decided that I would go to where I thought I had left them - the health food shop. Lo and behold, one of the doors to the shop was open (at 7.30pm no less) and my keys were on the counter. One of the staff members had stayed back to do a stocktake or similar and told me that "I was expected to arrive at some time".

At the moment it feels like my right brain is really tugging me towards something - then I'm brought back to Earth by the left side, telling me to pull it in, be sensible and not to be a cracker.

Hmm, maybe I've been infiltrated by Gollum?


Dianna Broeren said...

I absolutely believe everything happens for a reason.

The Good and The Bad.

There is always a life lesson as a result of all actions....figuring it out isn't always easy :)

Kerry W said...

Serendipity is truly alive and working in our lives. :)

Anonymous said...

You probably know my opinion, but I'll repeat myself anyway. There is an endless supply of energy in the universe and, like Lego, it all fits together to make whatever you want. Sometimes, the universe takes that Lego/energy and shifts it around. You can bully it to do it your way, or you can quietly wait out the creation. The universe hands it to you and what you do with it is then up to you.

You are nothing like Gollum, though we all have Gollum -like tendancies. More a case of waiting what beautiful creation the universe is going to hand you when it is done.