Thursday, January 07, 2010

How can you spot a fit chick?

Q: How can you spot a fit chick?

A: Visit her home and check her laundry, you'll see workout gear in the linen hamper, workout gear in the washing machine and workout gear on the clothesline (or hanging up inside when it's raining)


Have decided I can't feel my legs anymore after filling Bodystep this morning and then teaching my regular Thursday RPM gig. And, it was supposed to be leg day (fatta chance-a). Tomorrow's effort includes giving the crew at Toowong a 6am and a 9.30am thrashing. Are my legs up to the task? I'm thinking of Shelley today and how she got on lifting her heavy shit. I'm wondering if she'd like to lend me some moral support on my quest for a total "out of lower body" experience...


It's little wonder that today I felt like I could eat a horse - here's what's gone down, just for fun.

3am - woke up hungry, told myself to hop back into bed.
5am - first breakfast - small bowl of Fruity Bix and Trim Milk
6am- teach Bodystep
7.30am - monster bowl of oats, powder and dash of milk
9.30am - (wondering how those oats could have disappeared so fast) Larabar
11.00- (wondering now where the Larabar is...) apple and 1 l of water
12pm - teach RPM (smash it!)
1.30pm - sushi (raw tuna and sesame)
3pm - white Freddo (they have magic powers, right?)
4pm - rice cakes, cottage cheese and tuna
7pm - beef casserole, mashed potatoes, copious amount of greens (wondering now where the sushi, frog, rice cake and tuna have gone - probably now camping out with the oats and the Larabar)
from here in in: not sure.

I think TOM must be due for a visit - I can't believe how much I've put away today. Body obviously needs it.


Kek said...

Have you been snooping in my laundry?

Kerry W said...

My gym gear is in the dryer as we speak, getting ready for a thrashing of sorts tomorrow

Pip said...

Easy, a fit chic is standing at the top of your post Liz!

You Look Very Fit, well done!

Anonymous said...

Where does the food go? All I ever seem to do is eat. Same goes for TTOM; I eat constantly.

Charlene said...

Yep. A bad laundry week is always a good workout week :)

Style Seduction said...

Yes! If your body is hungry he needs a feed! I have workout gear everywhere, although I have a cat, and she likes to get white fur all over my nice black training pants. *le sigh*

Nicole said...

Ha Liz, I had a giggle. My mother in-law (who lives with me and who does my laundry MOST of the time) commented just today on how she always seems to be washing sweaty workout And you are right. There's always something in the machine, on the line, in the folding, in the basket. It rarely even makes it to the wardrobe!!