Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coming up for air!

Today hasn't exactly gone to plan. One sick husband and three children to look after, not Only workout I got in was walking everywhere and taking the girls to the park. Better than nothing!

Hopefully I'll be able to write a smashing post about my training tomorrow!


Cat said...

Sorry to hear your hubby is sick, hope he feels better soon. I totally understand wot its like having a man sick, its not a cold its a man flu!!! etc etc hehe

Have a great training session 2moro

Bud said...

Oh the man is dying syndrome. I bet he can still work the remote control :-) Have an awesome day love Miss R

Antigone said...

I hope hubby is feeling better today hun :)
For your sake that is LOL sickness turns men into boys don't reckon hehe my hubby is dying off with a head cold yet if its me he hands me a cup of tea and tells me he has run out of undies LOL
Hope you had a smashing workout today hun:)