Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indecision and Evolution

It seems that my life has been full of indecision lately in varying degrees. For a start, I've been wrestling, rather than toying with the idea of competing again. One minute, I will say "yes" and the next minute I will say "no". After flipping again to "yes" on Saturday, I realized that on Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday that I didn't feel one bit excited about it - no "competition bug", nothing, whereas with many of the figure girls I know, it is the candle that is burning brightly in front of them without exception. It was this morning that I realized that I couldn't give myself to training for a competition, "no exception". At the same time I was also wrestling with doing my Bodyvive Certification - yay or nay - the program hasn't excited me but one of our Cluster GFCs had phoned me and asked me to consider doing the course etc etc.

The obvious answer it seemed was to go and do RPM. I was sitting next to Mark, who always pushes me to the absolute max when I participate and by the end of Track Seven, I thought I was going to die - I was pushing some major load and thought my heart would explode and that I was going to puke there and then but whilst I was there I had some good fortune.

Firstly the opportunity to be part of a team that is going to do Johnny G Spinning as well as RPM and secondly (the best bit) being invited to go Adventure Racing in Brisbane with good mates K and R - the race is on 15th February and it involves running all over Brisbane for 3 hours making different checkpoints and challenges and picking up all sorts of goodies along the way. This sounds like a lot of fun for an "Amazing Race" addict such as myself.

The best part about it is that I have never done an Adventure Race before and it gives me something to train for and focus on.

In regards to competing, I think it is one of the most amazing experiences I've had and it's even better when you're helping others out -again, I will say "never say never", but for now, I've got to step on this boat and see which path it leads me down the river. I can't wait to see where this one will take me.


Anonymous said...

The adventure race sounds like great fun. Brisbanes very own answer to the amazing race. Good luck

Alicia said...

Are you sure we're not twins? You know how indecisive I am about competing this year as well! Just playing the waiting game at the moment until things kick off at FF. Oh and I'm doing an NMO at 10am on Friday if you're around :) My uniform is dead sexy hehe xo

Anonymous said...

those people look like they are running in the 1000 steps in the dandenongs... i have been up and down that many times!!! :D

RaeC said...

I think you will love adventure racing. My Coach used to do rogaining and he said it was such an adrenaline buzz... can't wait to hear how it goes and what training you do for it!! xxx

Lisa said...

I have a girlfriend who is really into adventure racing, and does ons that take 24 hours...she is addicted.


little rene said...

Adventure Racing sounds like SO much fun Liz!

Is it a mental challenge as well? I mean do you get clues about where the various "goodies" are and have to find them?

Helen said...

Hi Liz,
Last year I was out having dinner and the adventure race course ran through New Farm, it looked like awesome fun and I was really bummed I didn't even know about it last year!
A & I are close to signing up with another guy from his work for a mixed team.
I suspect my chances of getting Lisa involved are ZIP.
May well bump into you there!


Antigone said...

Sounds like your in the zone hun, and that you have something new to sink your teeth into!
I know how your feeling i have been the same but as you always say focus on one day at a time :)
Have a great rest of the week hun:)

Splice said...

I also can't wait to see where you end up Liz :-)
Not competing this year really doesn't matter because the beauty of this sport is that you can never be to old for it so taking the time to explore other exciting ventures is okay.
I have a strong feeling that this year is not for me either, but definately next year :-)

Java said...

The race sounds like fun ... I like watching Amazing Race too. Enjoy!