Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My little one is a baby no more!

Yesterday marked a milestone in our family. My baby, Miss G, started school today. I must admit I felt very strange as I saw her skittering (she doesn't walk quietly, she skitters) along in her uniform, complete with yellow bucket hat into the classroom. I felt strange that I had reached the end of an era - both girls off to school.

After drop off I went to Fitness First and did Upper Body Training and went for a run on the treadmill, as well as doing some bike work. Ran into Miss Alicia - her first day on the job as a PT - I think she'll enjoy rubbing shoulders with our crew here at Indro. This morning's workout involved RPM - I could not believe that 6 out of the 9 tracks John used this morning were tracks I had worked into my class this Saturday. There's a weird synchronicity there! It was a good workout and I rather enjoyed riding and experimenting with even more resistance than usual.

Then morning tea with Miss A and back home to do all the fun things like the washing and ironing.

I bought a new digital camera and am working out slowly how to upload photos with it. Today I'm putting in a photo of Cathe Friedrich who is working on her new series, STS (Shock Training System). I love the use of Gliding Discs/paper plates with lunges! There will be 37 DVDs which are incorporated into a full six month strength training program. I'm unsure of final cost at this stage but I think the series will be awesome for those who train at home. It goes without saying that any Aussies who are interested should get in touch so I can finalize orders.


Kek said...

MY baby started high school today.... :o(

Those paper plate lunges look like a LOAD of fun. *cough*

Ali said...

How exciting Miss G starting school!!

I so relate to how you feel though Liz, I still remember the youngest of my oldest kids going off to school... I felt 'naked' for ages :)

Enoy the rest off your week.

Ali xxx

Cat said...

Hope your little one had a fab first day.

Lisa said...



Spartze said...

Hey Liz lunges with paperplates..........are you able to recommend any good spin DVDs?