Friday, January 25, 2008

On Personal Responsibility

Ooh, looks like a good ol Friday post coming your way.

Today I had an interesting discussion with a gym member today about the criteria they used for choosing a personal trainer. Not surprisingly there was a bit about looks in there - if the trainer looks good, then often the client will aspire to "a body like theirs". Although I would prefer that clients chose their trainers on the basis of their credentials and experience, I do understand this phenomenon as many of us are really "visual" and want examples of the "trainer's work" eg the trainer themselves as a measure of how competent said trainer is.

However no trainer, no matter how well qualified, is going to take you where you want to go physique or fitness wise, unless you take responsibility for your workout. We can give you the tools, we can arm you with the knowledge and we can provide a kick in the pants if you need it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you. Did you leave your class thinking "that was way too easy"? Truth is, it probably has more to do with you than your instructor.

The same idea works with nutrition - many people who are overweight develop this complex network of reasons that are contributing to the weird phenomena of them being over fat. Mostly what they're trying to do is dump the responsibility of their weight problem on someone else's shoulders - that's when they hire the "consultant" to do all their work for them. Does it work? Guess what I think!

Today I went for a 65 minute run. As I will be on the road for up to three hours in this adventure race, it's time for me to develop some endurance :)


Kek said...

I love this post, Liz. I get a little impatient with the excuse-makers, yet at the same time I'm sympathetic, because I used to BE one.

The whole responsibility thing is an important issue though, and until someone really gets that, the bottom line is that they're unlikely to have long-term success.

I also think that there's a bit of a societal trend to look for someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in life. Kind of like: it's not ME who's at fault, it's my personal trainer/ boss/ mother/ the government.... That drives me nuts. Take responsibility, people!

little rene said...

Nicely said Liz!

How did you get to be so diplomatic? I always seem to insult people when I try to be direct. You have got a great way with words :)

Raechelle said...

Yup! I agree fully! Tired of excuses and blaming everything and everyone but themselves.
kudos again!

Alicia said...

What a fantastic post and I agree with you 110%. I've already had the 'so how long will it take me to lost 'X' kg' from someone and I just put it back on them and said it came down to how much effort THEY put into their goal. And for most people its easier for them to pass the buck and blame their trainer for lack of progress.....rather than take responsibility for it themselves.

See you next week (and I will be in my sexy uniform!) xo

Antigone said...

Fantastic post hun, no matter how go your PT is it's up to you how much work you put in!
Great workout hun :)