Thursday, January 31, 2008

Think I'm getting the camera thing down

Here's a pic of Miss G and Miss S on first day of school, with Yours Truly in the middle. Now I've got my camera I'll be doing a bit more picture taking which I'm rather looking forward to.

I am pleased to say that I slayed the dragon that is leg training this morning. I didn't use much weight, but I didn't need to go that heavy to achieve complete and utter fatigue.

Workout went like this:
20 minute run: 8 minute warm up and 12 hard 50/50 intervals
Specific warm up and preparation, mobilization exercises.
Front Squats
Romanian Deadlift
Bulgarian Split Squats - my nemesis, though today I really felt like I made more "connection" through my glutes. Used a plate rather than dumbbells and made a big difference
Single Leg Back Extension with glute focus.
20 minute steady state run/stretch

Done and dusted!
Weight today: 60.5kg .


leslie said...

What a wonderful picture! I'm so happy you have a camera again -- how fun to see you and your adorable girls!

Charlotte Orr said...

Gorgeous girls :-)

Andj said...

Hi Liz,

That is a beautiful pic of you and the girls. Sorry it has been a while since I have said hello! I keep an eye out for you whenever I am at indro though. Still loving hearing about your training and you take on all things fitness!

Java said...

Oh I love the pic too, how gorgeous!
My baby goes to High school tomorrow!

* miss tiny donna * said...

you are too cute!