Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Another busy weekend wrapped up and another week to look forward to.

Taught CORE on Friday and then had the pleasure of having lunch with Lisa, who is doing mightily well on her "Lean and Green" Protocol - I handed over her copy of "Gourmet Precision V 2.0" with strict instructions not to drool over it until her L and G Protocol was over. Anyway, I'm looking forward to vicariously watching her journey this year.

Taught RPM Hi Performance on Saturday morning - felt this week's effort was much better, felt pretty good during and after the ride. Had a great morning tea with Miss S - just wish I could have stayed longer.

Today - practice CORE 2 - this release is a b*&tch! The choreo, hard to master in the "back" track and the "push" track - a killer, if you don't like tricep pushups on your toes.
I finished off by doing BodyBalance - only the third class I've ever participated in but enjoyable nevertheless.


Kek said...

....if you don't like tricep pushups on your toes.

Uh....does anyone? We hates them, we does, Precioussssss...


leslie said...

I'm so impressed that you can teach Les Mills! I have taken a couple of classes at a local gym and they are GREAT!

leslie said...

One more comment -- I keep forgetting to mention that the founders of Original Bootcamp (Jim and Em) were at the kettlebell certification I did in December. You'd mentioned possibly looking into kettlebells some day, and I thought I'd tell you that they are looking into them as well. So Australia may have kettlebells in no time, if you all make it happen!

Antigone said...

WOW i had a workout just reading what you've been upto LOL
Hope your having a great week :)

Tara said...

hiya Liz, was wondering what you were up to. I second what Em said!! and with that I am off out to train. :o)