Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today has been a day of wrestling with my Core 2 choreo - it is harder than it looks. I also did a workout that I often give clients (yes, I road test the workouts) - 12 cycles of 30 seconds on/30seconds off treadmill sprints + balance of time in steady state training (35-40 minutes total, including warm up). I also did Mike's Upper Body Workout and really focused today on the bench press. I experimented a little bit with the foot placement, placing both feet on the ground powerlifter style and arching my back - turned out to be a good move as I was able to lift the magnet that I have had taped to my sacrum for the last month off the padding.

I'm not exactly sure how the magnet works, but it has done wonders for my sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It's a different approach to what I usually do - my new physio is trying to re pattern a lot of my movement rather than simply correct my pelvis every time it slips.

What else - pretty good day nutrition wise - I made a rather yummy Mexican lasagna using low carb tortillas, ultra lean mince (you could try chicken), salsa and a little reduced fat cheddar sprinkled over the top (it's not Mexican unless there is a bit of cheese). I also put 1/2 can of refried beans in the mix.

Tomorrow I am possibly teaching RPM and going to try and squeeze in some deadlifts and squats - hopefully beforehand - it's never very pleasant doing anything to your legs after RPM


Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Liz, your Mexican meal sounds nice. Great minds think alike!

Raechelle said...

I'd like to hear more about the magnet for the sacroiliac...I've recently discovered that my hip and back problems (that started in August of last year) was due to my sacroiiac-the chiro has cracked it good a couple of times and gave me some small stretches and exercises-but I'd like to do all I can-so the magnet sounds interesting.
Mexican lasagna sounds yummy too!

Michelle said...

Mmmm ... that Mexican lasagne sounds yummy. Might have to give it a go at some stage.

Anonymous said...

Love the sound of your mexican dinner

Antigone said...

Mexican is sin the air I reckon :)
Hope you are having a nice day hun keeping busy as usual :)

Ali said...

Mexican lasagne, sounds delicious, hope your having a great week

Ali xxx