Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to almost normality

After yesterday's events, things have almost returned to normal. I think about what happened yesterday and believe still that I was really lucky, the whole situation was not normal and that I'll keep being very mindful of my surroundings.
I taught RPM to a full house this morning. Nothing like looking at 44 bikes, all with riders on them. It was a good session this morning - got all my choreo right and felt fit and strong!
The girls are at school tomorrow. It is Miss G's first day as a Preppie and she is excited. I don't think I will know myself without a little person holding my hand. The end of an era. I will miss her, but mostly I am happy for her because I know how much she is looking forward to it.
I finally bought a new digital camera (ours got lost in the move), so hopefully you'll see a lot more family shots in the blog.
I've added the rhino in because I'm having a "I could eat the a... out of a rhino" kind of eating day. When I look back on what I've consumed today I can't really say I've missed out in the food department, so with my inner crave-o-meter firmly in check, I'm off to bed.


Cat said...

Hope your little girl has a wonderful first day at school.

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

my boy starts school tomorrow and he's also really excited about it. And he looks so goddam cute in his uniform :-)


jodie said...

had to laugh at your rhino comment, that was me the other day! Hope the little one loved school.

Antigone said...

I am in the same boat my little girl starts prep tomorrow its just going to be me and the little man tomorrow very strange I just hope I don't cry I want jasmine to see her mummy being strong not a woos LOL
I hope your having a lovely evening hun :)