Saturday, February 10, 2007

Plyo Princess

Today is Week 3, Day 2 of p90x, which meant Plyo X this morning. Every time I do this workout, I find it harder! Maybe that is because I am paying more attention to technique, squatting deeper and jumping higher. All I know is that I can feel my heart rate going through the roof after a run through of these sequences. It was a good workout this morning.
Which brings me to the point that I haven't seen the inside of a gym since early January. It has been a good experience doing everything at home in the Bolthole or lounge room depending of course on the workout. I received my copy of American Oxygen in the post yesterday and there was a great story on Valerie Waughaman who won the IFBB Colorado Pro over Jenny Lynn. Waughaman does very little work with dumbbells or machines, preferring to use bands, balls and the like. I found it inspirational that she developed such a wonderful physique in such an innovative way.
The kangaroo burgers turned out well, though a bit crumbly. The best bit about kangaroo is that it is not only tasty, it's really filling. My other 500g of meat is being made into 'roo lasagna this afternoon!


Di Broeren said...

Hi Liz
You are doing very well with the home training. Is the Plyo X an individual DVD? Where could I get a copy?


jodie said...

Plyos kick my butt every single time. I am trying to incorporate them more and more into my weekly training. Great job on the home training, you are very motivated. Let me know how the roo lasgna turns out!

Sara said...

Gosh, I looked up Valerie W pics and she looks astounding. I read also that she decorates her own costumes.. a woman of many talents. How do you suppose she has developed such fantastic musculature on her legs without heavy weights? Plyometrics?