Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tackled the dreaded "Yoga X" this morning which was hard work. I am still pretty woeful at most of the poses but slowly getting much better. It was probably a good day to do yoga as my glutes have been spasming today for no apparent reason. I've done a bit of Muscle Energy Technique on both my glutes and hip flexors to encourage them to relax and it's partially done the job. I am now headed to the local pool for a 30 minute swim whilst Miss G has her swimming lesson. That will help loosen up my hips as well.
I think today's caption is very appropriate - there are things going on in the background which really make me feel exactly that.
Nutrition has been pretty good, though I'm still trying to dream up what to cook for dinner. Sometimes I get really sick of cooking dinner. I have some chicken breast and stir fry vegetables, though am leaning towards making a chicken taco dish - kids love Mexican and I can prepare it so I miss out on the taco part, unless I use corn enchiladas which don't bother the old tummy too much.

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