Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ya, another one of those days!

I think this restaurant sums up perfectly how I am feeling today - rather deflated. After lots of negotiation with hubs, it was decided that I would move back home in front of him (we have been trying to get out of Woop Woop for ages). Do you think I can find any reasonably priced accommodation in Brisvegas on a periodic lease. I am loath to rent a four bedroom house, especially as our relocation is hopefully going to be paid for. I had hoped to get a two bedroom furnished apartment so we could leave at relatively short notice. I feel like I am so close to getting back home, but so far away.

Today has been taken up with trying to arrange a move. I got half of RPM 34 in before I was interrupted by the phone and a 70 minute walk. I think tomorrow I will be hitting it harder.


Antigone said...

Good luck with all the planning and moving stuff, can't say i wish i was you right now nothing more frustrating the moving house but moving from whoop whoop to the city will be HELL!!!
Sending you lots of good luck vibes:)

Alicia said...

the rental market in brisbane is shocking at the moment. if you need me to have a look at a place for you, just give me a buzz and let me know xo

Magda said...

Hi Liz,

I'm hearing you on the moving issue!! After almost 2 years in Brissie we had to sell our house, buy another one in Adelaide (our choice to do so but still VERY stressful) and coordinate settlements etc, pack up a 4 bedroom house, wrap up my PT business and ...well it just goes on and on.

I'm feeling for ya right now.


LizN said...

Thanks for the support gals. Alicia, I will definitely call you if I need help. Thanks in advance!

Liz ;)