Friday, February 09, 2007

For Em

I'm sure that this will be Em's new bub as a true example of her mother's fab lifestyle! I am hoping that Em is cuddling that little one right now. Pregnancy and birth is such an amazing journey - there are highs and lows of the whole parenting adventure, but it is all worth it (I think!) . Miss S is melting my heart at the moment - she skips into school with these two gorgeous blond plaits and Miss G goes to kindy with her boots on the wrong way. It is very sweet.

I'm also continuing with the push up theme as it is now Week 3 of the "x" - Chest and Back - I increased my numbers for all of the push ups though the Diamond PushUps I am having trouble mastering. I backed this up with a 15 minute run and 4 x 30sec sprints and will swim laps at the pool a little bit later.

I've defrosted some kangaroo mince I've had sitting in the freezer for months. The roo isn't in the stew, but it will be made into burgers to grill for dinner tonight!

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Ali said...

Got to love kangaroo!!!

I so relate to what you have said about kids, they are just awesome, Jacob is wearing his shoes on the wrong feet often now that is is clever enough to put them on, actually he went to day care today with his shorts that he put on himself mind you on back to front LOL Bless em!!

love the recent pics you have posted

Have a wonderful weekend!!