Thursday, February 22, 2007


No, I wish I owned one (but unfortunately don't). BMW stands for "Bitch", "Moan" and "Whine" which is what I am tempted to do but have decided against. When I am disappointed I start feeling depressed and when I feel depressed I don't feel like exercising, which makes me feel worse and a really evil cycle starts. BMW comes from the "Body For Life" Women's version by Pamela Peeke.

Today I pushed past my BMW emotions and got the job done with Core Synergistics - this was the first time I have done this one and I'm not really too sure what I think of it. It was really hard in places, using mainly bodyweight, but I think I could have done it with a bit more oomph! I then followed up with a 35 minute run including running all the way up the hill to our house. This morning I also got in a 20 minute swim. It may sound like a lot of exercise, but I'm fairly sedentary at home and as Gollum says, "I needs my PRECIOUS!"

I was lucky enough to score Precision Nutrition on a forum swap and I've been leafing through all of the materials. Berardi seems to like peanut butter (hey, don't we all) and more fats, particularly Omega-3s. It was a good reminder that I can eat even cleaner than I do now. His attention to food prep is excellent and inspired by this I am off to roast some chicken breast.


jodie said...

I like that B.M.W! I will have to remember that one! So is Precision Nutrition good? I have heard a bit about it.

Kek said...

I've been SO slack...haven't even finished reading my copy of PN, let alone tried any of the recipes from it.

Must get around to that.

Oh, you asked on my blog about which comp I'm planning on entering - it's the WFF something-or-other.... and it's so far away that I'm barely even thinking about it yet. Training in earnest will start soon - still plenty of time to panic yet! ;-)