Monday, February 26, 2007

Smacking the paper tiger!

DH is now officially off to South Africa and rather than feel really sad, I'm throwing myself into an official month of productivity. I cleaned the house from top to toe this morning, restocked the fridge with plenty of fresh veggies and washed all the sheets. I'm going to attack all the things that I keep putting off, like the pile of junk I have accumulating for Ebay. I also spent this morning brainstorming some ways to keep running whilst DH is gone (there is no such thing as a treadmill here) and I've decided to take the girls to the local footy field at dusk and crank out a few sprints with them and turn getting fit into a game!

I didn't train today, but yesterday I tried Amy Bento's Kickbox Extreme. It is more kickbox inspired as opposed to pure kickboxing and I was surprised that I didn't get as much of a workout as I had thought I would. Truthfully my mind started wandering at combo five, so I'm going to give it another shot before I shelve it. I've also got a copy of Kelley Coffey-Meyer's Step Boxing to try.

Tomorrow I'm back on the X with Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. That will be great!


Hann said...

I hope your hubby enjoys South Africa, he will come back and tell you about the beauty, but it's like in Aus very dry and farmers have to feed their stock.
I am surprised to hear you live in a minning town! Is hubby in the minning industry?
Mine just resigned from the police to join the minning industry to make a bit more dollars so we can buy a house, with this silly housing boom it's just not possible on one income.
So far my hubs is working locally but will start flying out soon :(
I'll put you in my blogroll! I love reading your fitness blog.

LizN said...

Dear Hann,

Yes, DH is in mining - we have been working for a mining company for the last six years or so.


PS - DH is originally from Durban so I am expecting him to come home with a thick accent!