Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feeling Seedy

I'm having a day of feeling "under the weather". I cannot put it down to anything except my slight change in food intake. I struggled through Back and Biceps this morning and have been a cranky, pmsing cow all day... arrgh.

I can see a post of this nature aint going to earn me many hits..hee,he.


Julie said...

haha Miss Cranky ~
Sending good thoughts your way.
Julie A.

Marie said...

Liz, your activity level and dedication just humbles and inspires me!

BTW, I just got the F11, too, in pink, and LOVE it! It's my first HRM, though, and the icky chest thing is kind of annoying.

What did you think of the KCM workout? I really want to like it. I hate the baby weight thing at the end, though. I don't know why instructors think every workout has to be everything to everyone!

Magda said...

lol I love posts like that one. We all have those days and its funny to read about others' perceptions of their cr*p days hehehe


RaeC said...

You got a hit from me honey, because we all have bad days. All that matters is that you still give your workout 100% of whatever is in your tank, even if that tank is only 3/4 full!!

Excited to see you have some new toys and that you have turned DH being away into a positive experience... you go girl!! xxx

Andj said...

You are doing really great Liz to be as 'up' as you have been in that place you live in! And without your hubby at the moment you are allowed to feel a bit down!
Mine is heading to moranbah in two weeks time for work - the life of a mining wife!
I tried the slim secrets bars last week and they are really good. I think I might buy a box actually.

little rene said...

Hope you are feeling happier today Liz!

Sending out happy vibes to you :)

LizN said...

Hi everyone,
thanks for the well wishes - I really appreciate it :)

Liz N