Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, "Fuk mi" again!

Whew, what a couple of days!
I had a First Aid course scheduled on the weekend. I meticulously packed my pink cooler bag only to find out when I had arrived that the course had been cancelled.
Then today I locked myself out of the house and I have been stranded for the last five hours whilst DH retrieved the keys from work. If I was in Brisbane I could have done an excellent stint of window shopping, but here in Woop Woop, the most entertaining thing I could do was walk up and down the 50 m or so of shops which make up the bustling city centre, not. Aggh. I feel peeved at DH because he keeps flip flopping on the job issue and I resent the only day I don't have the kids being taken up with this drama.
I did get to do Push Pull, Upper Body workout (x3 sets) and the two hour Spinerval workout today. I loved it, especially when I sync it up with the music from my IPOD.
Ah well, I'm going to have a nice bowl of pumpkin soup and try and forget about the day. Tomorrow is a new one and thank goodness there are such things as tomorrows for they give us hope.


Marie said...

Liz, I'm so sorry about the missing key drama (been there, done that!), but the pictures were just hilarious! :-)

Hope today is better than yesterday!

Sam D-M said...

Hey Liz,

With the amount of shopping I have been doing, being in Woop Woop would be good for my finances :-o

Hope the soup made you feel better :-)


LizN said...

Gotta love that restaurant eh :)

No, it's not so good in Woop Woop as you do all your shopping on line :)

Liz; )