Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fitting it in!

This morning I did most of Cathe's Cardio Fusion DVD before Miss G's swimming lesson. Miss G has been "out of sorts" all day. We invited her little friend around for a play - Miss G was rather excited, but she showed that she was truly not 100% when she organized toys for her little mate and jumped into bed and fell asleep. So I had to pop her little friend home whilst she was asleep. Luckily she only lives about 4 doors away from us and I was able to drop her off and come back home relatively quickly. I am just relieved that she didn't wake up!

Sometimes it is hard to juggle in time for fitness with motherhood, but staying relatively fit makes me a much happier mother, so it is worth the effort. I am definitely fitter, faster and stronger since I had both children - I don't know why this is, but maybe that we just have to have this desire to put in our best and then some or whether there is a physiological component to it as well. I am definitely more body aware, but that is probably due to my wacky hip joints - I'm always trying to push the fine line, but know where my limits are with my joints.


Anonymous said...

Liz, that is so true! I also read a study somewhere citing Eastern Bloc countries that used to force the female athletes to get pregnant (and then of course end the pregnancy) for the benefit of the hormones released. Ok, so that's kinda icky, but I was just trying to demonstrate that what you're saying has been scientifically demonstrated (if not morally so).

Oh, and the juggling act IS an act, that's for sure! My kids know I am much happier and less irritable when I work out regularly, too. :-)

Hann said...

Another one that agrees wiht that comment of much stronger and fitter since having kids, I lapsed a bit after bub 3 but are getting day after day back on track and it really helps me feel good about myself too.
Love that picture, looks like mad fun.
And I can't comment on your visual DNA, I like it. Escape artist hey?