Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I ate today (just for fun)

Breakfast: oats, skim milk, whey protein (I like cookies and cream flavour!)
Snack/post workout: 1 baked potato, yoghurt, berries, protein powder (in shake or mixed with yoghurt)
Lunch: grilled chicken breast with many veggies on baby spinach with raspberry vinegar and pecans, orange slices
Snack: cottage cheese and vegetables on rice cake, 2 cups pumpkin soup (homemade :) ), 2 teaspoons peanut butter.
Dinner: kangaroo chilli with beans, 1/2 potato, 2 cups broccoli, 1 cup carrots, fish oil
Snack: cottage cheese and veggies on rice cakes, 1 cup of tea

Depending on the workout/hunger level I can add in another meal if I feel like it! It is amazing how much food you can pack away on the Leanness Lifestyle. A good friend of mine from Bris, Anne, who came to the Nationals with me, likens our culinary adventures to "hoovering", especially when we are both hungry :)


Hilary said...

mmmm yum... until I got to the Kangaroo meat! I just dont know if I could bring myself to eat it. I've heard its really lean and good for you, but does it taste nice??

Sounds like your training is going great!

Hilary xx

Hann said...

Very interesting! I have slacked my eating regime a bit and actually ate a bit more good food and found I lost quicker than being on a strickter diet!
Just shows you what metabolisms need!

Magda said...

Ah "hoovering"!! I can relate to that LOL!! But perhaps in a little less positive way :-)



Janew said...

Yummm Liz!! you always eat such a great varity of foods :)

just seeing if I can post comments *fingers crossed*

jane xo

LizN said...

I know what you mean about kangaroo. It sounds a bit icky, but it's really nice. The best kangaroo is the Naturoo brand.
Jane, Hann and Magda, it's great to see you :)

Liz :)

Splice said...

Hi Liz!
I love my kangaroo meat lol, it's my favorite comp prep meat!

I have been meaning to ask you how Anne is going. Say hi for me :-)


jodie said...

Hi Liz,
the whey protein you use in Cookies and Cream - what brand is it?

LizN said...

Jodie, it's Ladybird!