Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now it's back to "Thai Harder"

Feeling much better today. It's amazing how watching "Desperate Housewives" and having a decent kip diminish a bad mood. Today I got up early and went for about an hour walk and listened to an Alwyn Cosgrove podcast which was quite interesting. Basically Alwyn stated you get the biggest financial return from being well educated in your field and having the passion to keep raising the bar higher and higher... it all boils down to the old adage "do what you love and the money will follow".

This morning's harder workout consisted of Imax Extreme which is from Cathe's DVD "The Terminator". I managed to juggle plyo jumps with making sure Miss G (who has a sore throat) was kept happy. As a mother, you are always multi tasking! I am really nice and sore from Push Pull yesterday!


Janew said...

Hi Liz,glad you are feeling better today, yeah Desperate Housewives ROCKS!!
Keep up the awesome sessions hon.!!

*happy hugs and smiles* Jane xo

Splice said...

Hey Liz, it's wonderful your feeling better.

Miss chatting with you, I might give you a call soonish if you have some time :-)