Saturday, March 17, 2007

Flipping the Universe

"You make plans and God laughs"........
This is a theme that seems to have resonated through our married life, yet DH and I are talking about trying to establish a rough long term plan. That being, how we are charting our course in life and where we want to go, do and be in the next few years. I am beginning to become painfully aware of planning a solid financial future and if we want to be able to do things later on we need to look at where we are going now. I know, spoken like a true "j" , but I really like to have some sort of rough plan happening whether it be in my fitness life or in my home life etc etc. I am lucky that the storms DH and I have weathered lately have brought us closer together - we tend to thrash things out until they can be thrashed no more.
With the planning aspect exercise wise, I generally have a long term goal that is more global in nature and usually go week by week towards it. Miss G is still unwell, so I have had 2 unplanned rest days in a row, which means I am raring to go now. I'm thinking of two very solid strength training sessions, 3 tough cardio sessions and 3 moderate cardio sessions.
Anyway, rather than stare at a blank piece of paper with "plans" written on it, I'd better go make some of them a reality.


Lia Halsall said...

However did you get that picture to stay at the top of your blog under your blog heading?

redcat said...

I love that photo (and I have that catalogue, and am restraining the heck out of myself as I'd like to order half the stuff in it!). Caopiera (sp?) is fascinating.

I wish you good luck with the future planning. It's an awful lot to get your mind around.

Nicc said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. As a fellow "J" I think planning is a great thing to do. I always need to remind myself that sometimes plans do change (hopefully for the better) and sometimes you need to just go with the flow. Good luck,