Monday, March 05, 2007

Fat Bloated Cow Syndrome

Love this pic, I'm a Fat Bloated Cow who has "Lost" the plot! Yes indeedy, TOM is giving me a thorough drubbing! At least I'm not a PMSing Fat Bloated Cow - you gotta look on the bright side, right? I hope you can see the pic, I've tried publishing this three times with no luck.

I've just come back from a weekend at the beach with the girls. It was a good way to pass the weekend, rather than having to climb the walls with boredom in Woop Woop. However I think the location is where most mining families tend to go to get away from it all because I spent the entire weekend running into people I've been trying to get away from! It's nothing personal, it's just my INFJ tendency to want some privacy to recharge the old batteries. Speaking of MBTI types, I checked out the link in the comments area of Jodie's journal - about the INFJ type and somehow managed to find myself reading about INFJ vs INFP. It was really illuminating because I've often wondered if I am an INFP, but the more I read on the more obvious it is that I am definitely an INFJ type. I'd like to delve into this more at some stage because I believe it could really help me with my future projects.

We are having a second round of summer weather here. It was over 30degrees C before 8am this morning and the Woop Woop ants are out in full force. I have spent the morning mopping the floor and trying to work out why all of a sudden, ants want to invade my house. Despite not feeling like a workout, I pulled out RPM 32 and gave myself a thorough pasting and I feel much better already!


Splice said...

Ants are invading us also, I think it's the rain that's flushed them out!
I hope you get over you TTOTM really soon :-)

Deb xxx.

P.s. I can see the picture, looks NOTHING like you ;-)

LizN said...

isn't that weird Deb, I cannot see the pic at all. Wonder what I have done to achieve this?


katiep said...

Hi Liz
I have only just recently discovered your blog and had to stop by to tell you that you are my new HERO!!
I am 42 and have lost 20 kgs and reshaped my body. Looking at your competition picture I am inspired to keep going. I have basic muscle but nothing like you -- WOW!!
So glad to have "met" you.
Katie xxxx

LizN said...

Hi Katie,

It is really nice to "meet" you too. I had a peek at your blog. Congratulations on your success. You go girl!