Thursday, March 08, 2007

No time for down time!

Today I was back in the saddle with P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. This is no easy workout and involves plyo clap push ups and one armed push ups (mine are really wimpy still!) I followed it up with Cathe's Cardio Fusion and a 20 minute swim. I loved Cardio Fusion and it really got my heart rate up there this morning!

Eating has been great today and I'm going to give the pecan crusted salmon another run tonight. Salmon is hard to come by in Woop Woop and I bought 300g frozen, enough for two meals. Seeing DH is away, I have it all to myself. I'm trying to decide whether to have my regular weekly splurge icecream tonight whilst I watch "Lost". Apparently this episode is meant to be fairly good tonight. I watched "Heroes" last night - it's pretty bent but I like it :)

Speaking of DH, he has phoned quite regularly which is really nice. His course sounds interesting - all about people management, career development and the like. Off to be a winner and cook dinner (sorry that was weak :) )


Kek said...

Wimpy or not, you're my hero, Liz! My ambition is to do one-armed day.

LizN said...

I am only doing them on my's my ambition to one day do it on my there is a challenge for both of us!


Marie said...

My one-armed pushups are too hilarious. Picture the body totally splayed out, like a giant spider.... who can get mere centimeters from the ground, hehe.

Sam D-M said...



your rhyms are not weak... you crack me up girlfriend!!!!!


Splice said...

I am a "huge" lost fan. I hate the way they leave the really good bits until the end grrr. Until next Thursday!

LizN said...

Hey Deb and Sam1
Yesterday's epi was good wasn't it. I wish they would put on a double one every now and again!