Friday, March 09, 2007

All about children?

In case you have ever wondered what my wonderful genetics have produced, check out Miss G's portrait as seen through the eyes of Miss S.. Hips may be an issue later on for this chick!
I went and had morning tea this morning with two lovely ladies who have small children (smaller than mine). One was worried about sending her child to kindy and that she wanted her at home a little longer. I find these conversations distinctly uncomfortable as I have always been "bring on Kindy as fast as possible!" So I smiled politely, whilst thinking, "are you mad?" This conversation always seems to happen when said child is confident and bright as a button and obviously ready for some more interaction. In fact, I find most conversation about babies, toddlers and children decidedly dull and I was relieved to make my exit.
I am finding that as my daughters are getting older they are getting more interesting and are really complex little people with distinctly different personalities and very loving in their own ways. The other day Miss S was applying some sunscreen to my back. I told her that she had magic hands and should think of becoming a physio when she grows up. Last night she informed me that she thought I was right and could she practice being a "physio" on me. I laid out on the floor like a sprawled out spider and both girls played "physios" on me for an hour! Did I mention that I love my girls :) ?
This morning I cracked open RPM 34 again - nice workout! I was a drenched ball of sweat by the end of it and I will get a swim in when the girls have lessons this afternoon. Some days I get really discouraged by the lack of time and facilities to train, but I know that when I'm back home at Fitness First, a broken down treadmill every now and again won't perturb me in the least.


Ali said...

Your right kids are great and it always amazes me how kids out of the same gene pool can be so different, just love the portrait!!

have a wonderful weekend and that pecan salmon looks YUMMY!!


RaeC said...

Hi Girl,

Glad the FBC (Fat Bloated Cow) phase is over... LOL!! Was talking to one of coach's clients who is a Dr specialising in women's hormonal challenges and she says it's amazing how water retention can really affect a woman's mindset... couldn't agree with her more!!

I hope the ant problem is abating. My sis' mother-in-law has a major one and won't use anything to get rid of them... LOL!! Drives my sis mad having to scrape ants out of the honey, she doesn't bother anymore and just doesn't eat honey!!

The fish looks divine and if you don't mind, can I add it to our "Fit for Consumption" blog?

Your girls sound adorable and I'm with you on them growing up. It is amazing to watch them grow and develop into their own little personalities... of course it helps when they give you massages... LOL!!

Sorry about the long comment... jsut catching up on a weeks' worth of your blog which has taken me a while. You're on fire and it's great to see the intensity in your training... go Liz!!

Have a great weekend xxx

Hilary said...

What a great portrait! Has it taken pride of place on the fridge???

Love the story of the girls playing "physio" on you!

Hilary xx

sarahz said...

Hi Liz

I am just wondering where you purchase your workout dvd's from. I could do with some for home.

jodie said...

Hey Liz
Great pic by Miss S. You sound like you have such a good relationship with your girls.